My name is Aizhan which means the soul of the moon. I am from Kyrgyz Republic. I did my Master degree in Poland and had a chance to be a part of Erasmus+ programs. I did short term European Solidarity Corps in Hungary, in beautiful city Veszprem. I was volunteering and promoting Erasmus projects.
In this post I would like to share my experience, but also give tips for future ESCers. 

First, be ready to miss your home. Usually, during projects nobody promises your personal room or apartment. Sharing with others and exchange cultures are main part of the projects.  I had to stay with a beautiful Italian girl whose name is Valentina. It was wonderful time with her sightseeing and doing gym. We become sisters. Miss you Valentina Petrovna.

Secondly, be ready to have arguments. Life is beautiful because of the different emotions which we had, no matter good or bad they are. Such points in your life are memorable. I remember how we were discussing our tasks. Each person had own opinion, but we were able to be tolerant and find out the best solution. What is important is that:  if you have any problems don’t forget that you should fight with it, not with each other. 
Finally, be ready to party hard. If you are person who likes to be alone or doesn’t like partying I feel sorry for you. Erasmus is an international party where you gonna have an amazing time with people from all around the world.
Nowadays I remember the project with a smile. It was definitely that memorable point in my life.