Template for promotion (5)Bona Fides Association and Lélektér Foundation are looking for Polish volunteers or residents in Poland, to join our Youth Exchange project connected with hate speech. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter to the following emails: k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl and mariachiara@bonafides.pl . An Advanced Planning visit will be held on Monday 9th of September!

Location: Hungary

Duration: 10 days

Mobility Period: 07/10/2019 – 16/10/2019; Advanced Planning Visit between 09/09/2019 and 12/09/2019

Deadline: As soon as possible

Summary of the exchange

  • youth exchange with 42 participants
  • for the youth exchange each country with 6 participants + 1 leader (7 people total)
  • one disadvantaged student should be involved from each country  
  • everyone will be fully involved in the activities
  • activities will be led by national teams, as it will be discussed on the APV

Goals and aims of the project

  • to raise awareness of online hate speech
  • to be able to recognize the different types of hate speech
  • to learn how to react for hate speech
  • learn the method of safe digital storytelling (to be able to warn about hate speech)
  • to prevent from becoming a victim

Participants’ profiles

  • able to understand and speak basic English = communicative level of English age between 18-30 (one person/country = group leader can be 30+)
  • the interest of learning digital storytelling and online hate speech
  • wants to be involved in groupwork
  • able to cooperate and listen to each other
  • not coming for drinking, having a party and doing nothing related to the topic

Methodology and type of activities

Non-formal learning: sharing experience and information, cooperating and discussing with the help of the English language and evaluating. Including team building activities, ice-breakers, the introduction of the Youthpass certificate with the eight key competencies (which can be used for future jobs). And on the path of going deeper into the topic of the exchange: activities, workshops, worldcafés to learn the method of storytelling and how to recognize hate speech what should be done against it. To raise awareness of the topic and of Erasmus+ a flashmob, questionnaires, campaign videos will be done. To get to know the participating countries better: the intercultural experience through dances, cuisine, storytelling. Participants are going to be fully involved in the activities and each activity will be led by a national team.


Travel costs for all of the participants are covered by the Erasmus+ program up to the limit of 180 euro/participant.


Food and accommodation costs for all of the participants are covered by the Erasmus+ program. Do not expect fancy hotels, neither extremely poor tents. Participants will stay in rooms by mixed nationalities, but divided by gender.

Menu bases on Hungarian traditions with respect to other nations’ traditions, habits. If you have special needs (vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian) WRITE IT DOWN in the Google form. If you do not like brussels sprouts, we cannot do anything.

Accommodation: Zöld tető panzió