Location: Malaga, Spain

Duration: 12 months

Mobility Period: 01/09/2020 – 01/09/2021

Deadline: 03/01/2020

Bona Fides Association along with Asociación Marroqui are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our project in Malaga, Spain to create activities involving immigrants and the local community. In order to apply, please fill this 2 forms with your answers and attach your CV on it.

Form 1: https://form.jotform.com/93163386663970

Form 2 : https://forms.gle/LghQTSd1ZneBRg6FA


The Asociación Marroquí para la Integración de Immigrants (Morocco Association for the Integration of Inmigrants) carries out its activities in different fields such as:

  • Promote an inclusive integration of the immigrants who are subject of rights and duties in Spanish society through education, sensibilization and orientation.
  • Improve the knowledge of the people about the reality of this topic, promote programs of sensitization of the importance of the immigration, prevent and avoid prejudices and change already existing attitudes like xenophobia y racism.
  • Guarantee the equality with the native population concerning the access to public services like health services, education, employment, housing, social services, and legal advice through strategies promoting voluntary activities.
  • Provide attention to immigrants, in particular to women, children and youth.
  • Protect rights and interests of foreign students and support relations between the students and teachers of the association.
  • Promote the development of intercultural mediation and language translation.
  • Perform activities within the framework of international cooperation that contribute to the development of countries of origin of immigrant population.


To facilitate the access to resources and services that permit immigrant people to integrate into the Spanish society through specific and customized resources aimed to help to our users to lower the level of their vulnerability and/or withstand the situation of social exclusion. We place the focus on immigrant people as we believe they are a vehicle of development both for the Spanish society and their countries of origin.


Some of the activities a volunteer would be able to carry out are as follows:

IMMIGRANT INTEGRATION PROGRAMS: offer attention to the immigrant population in order to promote its full integration in the Spanish society taking into account different identities and cultures. This program is seen as a comprehensive reception required for the attention to basic necessities and assistance with integration. It starts from reception and often the monitoring of cases within the framework of a certain project is carried out. This kind of project is normally aimed at helping with integration of immigrant people to the society.


  • To develop programs aimed at increasing resources and adapting them for the social integration of women-immigrants who struggle to reach the equality of treatment and opportunities.
  • Eradication of cases of discrimination that hold back free development of women´s abilities and their active participation in the society.


  • To accompany persons to resolve the administrative issues at public administrations and/or private entities, if necessary, as these persons face special difficulties of the access (language, displacement, illness or disability) or even if there might appear a problem in a moment of solving any situation.

TRAINING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: depending on the individual aims of the volunteer; language courses, computer skills training, school support and many other options.


Volunteers could cook their meals on their own in their flats, they are going to receive 150 euros each month.

Volunteers are accommodated in rented flats shared with other EVS volunteers or young people. They will be provided with standard equipment and essential household goods. Electricity, water, gas will be covered by the hosting organization. Internet connection is not facilitated by the hosting organization

Pocket money
Each volunteer will be given a monthly allowance of 150 euro for personal needs every day

Local transport
Every volunteer will have a chance to choose BIKE or BUS CARD if it needed, long distance activities will be covered by hosting organization if is it needed.

Language support
Every volunteer is entitled to receive language support with an online platform, as stated in Erasmus+ programme.

The volunteer will have the same holiday days as the rest of the association.

Trainings and support

  • The mentor will offer constantly his support and personal assistance to the volunteers.
  • Applicant organization/sending organization/hosting organization are responsible for the volunteer’s insurance, all the parties are obliged to get acquainted with the insurance rules.