Duration: 12 months

Mobility Period: August 2020-July 2021

Deadline: 20 December 2019

Bona Fides Association along with Familija – Educational and therapeutic center are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our project in SloveniaKids in Action 7 – United in Diversity” to work in the field of youth work, social care and education In order to apply, please send CV and Motivational letter to iryna@bonafides.pl, mariachira@bonafides.pl and matjaz@familija.eu and fill this form with your answers :)

Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfHOY50z1KKtuH66lNzQIk5z8pXfr-AEJM8uMWMaP6XX2fNIA/viewform


The project continues the well-established tradition of connecting related local organizations that carry out educational, social and preventive programs for children and youth and for other vulnerable social groups. The main target group of the project are children, youth and people deprived of normal functional life. Project partners offer to their users space where they can feel comfortable and safe, where they can develop their social skills and where they can get quality support with their behavioral, emotional, learning and other problems. The aim of the programs is to provide support to the widest circle of users, as well as to those with special needs and other problems. Support is provided at the individual level (work with each individual), as well as in cooperation with their families. The program includes group work and activities with adolescents, cooperation between various institutions, training, counseling, holiday camps, day trips, workshops, etc.


The goal of all organizations involved in the project is to gain new skills and experience in order to increase the degree of tolerance, mutual acceptance, understanding and respect. Volunteers will improve academic success, as well as their employability and career prospects, they will develop their self-confidence, independence and gain sense of entrepreneurship, they will strengthen intercultural awareness, internalize the values of the EU. The project is not limited to the basic partner organizations only. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to realize their own projects within other local organizations in order to strengthen their involvement in local society and to give a small place like Škofja Loka much the needed European dimension of viewing the world. At the same time, we will present and promote the European Solidarity Corps among local residents.


Candidates should be self-initiative, motivated, flexible, patient, creative, open-minded, communicative, interested in working with children and adolescents, and they should be able to speak English. Past experience in pedagogy, youth work and leisure are welcomed. Abilities in music, sports, manual activities, handcrafts, dance, art and/or multimedia would also be convenient. The future volunteer should bring in their own ideas into the project and be prepared to create, plan and execute their own projects. We do not appreciate 24/7 smartphone-centered people.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers will be accommodated in two fully furnished apartments with WiFi on the main square of Škofja Loka, an old historical town with about 13.000 inhabitants, located 25 km NW from Ljubljana. Each volunteer will stay in a single bedroom with shared cooking, washing, laundry and social facilities. Volunteers will cook by themselves, and a monthly food allowance of 180 € will be provided. They will be also entitled to a monthly allowance of 120 €. A bike will be provided to each of the volunteers and the tickets for public transportation, if required for the purpose of the project.

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