One month passed since I came to Portugal. I can’t believe it. Time flies. I remember my excitement on the airport after landing in Lisbon and waiting for someone who picks me up from there. Now I have to say it was very intensive time. December is always unusual month. Especially for me this year. First I spent time in Casa Europa. It’s very nice place outside Lisbon. People there are amazing, both volunteers and workers. Then I moved to flat in Anjos – neighborhood in Lisbon city center. Now I live near my work, only 4 stops by subway. Location is perfect.

I work in Colegio Antonio Aurelio Da Costa Ferreira – center for deaf and blind people. I’ve never been in place like this before. Clients and workers have very positive attitude and close bond between each other. Everybody is hearty, open-minded and very involved in the work. It’s incredible. What is their secret? I guess touch, which is basic language of communication for them. It makes people closer and helps built better relationships. Christmas party in Colegio was very special. Many people came: clients, workers, client’s families and friends. I helped to set the table for celebration dinner. Before the meal there were performance and lottery. Then dinner with traditional portugese christmas dishes served. In the end gifts and dance party. Atmosphere was very joyful. Clients and workers put all their hearts into preparations for this amazing event.
I didn’t know that it was just the beginning of celebration. Next day Proatlantico organized for all volunteers intercultural day and Christmas dinner. There were 3 interesting presentation about 3 countries: Austria, Belgium and Turkey prepared by volunteers . Then small treat with typical Austrian, Belgian and Turkish food, next small christmas presents and in the end dinner together. I was very happy because I had chance to meet new people during this event. After this nice parties I was worried a bit how I spent real Christmas this year. I couldn’t come back home and it was my first Christmas time abroad. I got a pleasant surprise. One of my best friend wanted to visit me for 3 days from 21st to 24th of December.

We had nice time together sightseeing Lisbon and Cascais. When he left I’ve decided to make caminho do Fatima because I had some holidays. I was walking for 5 days near the river Tejo until I reached sanctuary. It was very misthic experience. I got known portugese culture and everyday life better when I crossed small villages. The views during the trip were amazing. I enjoyed my caminho a lot. Then I spent New Year’s Eve in Lisbon. The last month of 2019 was full of interesting experiences. I can´t wait what 2020 brings to me.

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