Location: Italy

Duration: 10 – 12 months

Deadline: As soon as possible

Bona Fides Association and YOUH 4 EUROPE  are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join one of these long-term projects in Italy connected to Animals/Education/Enviroment/Children/International cooperation. In order to apply, send your CV and motivational letter to this e-mails: candidature.sve@associazionejoint.org and iryna@bonafides.pl or mariachiara@bonafides.pl.

PROJECT 1 – ESC in Dog Shelter

Location: Arese (Milan), Italy

Mobility period: 1 March 2020 – 1 March 2021

Number of volunteers: 2

Vitadacani Onlus is looking for two volunteers. The volunteers will take care of the dogs in the shelters and help the organization in promoting the protection of animals.

The ideal volunteer should have a great love for animals and the ability to approach them with care, Preferably adhering to the organization’s lifestyle (antispecism, veganism…) or willing to adapt to it during the activities, Willing to “get their hands dirty” with tasks like cleaning the animal shelters

Volunteer tasks: Taking care of the animals (food, walks, socializing);
Cleaning and taking care of the animals’ spaces; Supporting the adoption process; Organizing events; Managing the website and social networks;
Producing photo, video, and informative materials.

For more information: https://youthforeurope.eu/listing/volunteering-in-italy-in-a-dog-shelter/

PROJECT 2 – ESC in education and long life learning

Location: Vicopisano (Italy)

Mobility period: 1 February 2020 to 1 February 2021

Number of volunteers: 2

IF Vicopisano is looking for 2 Volunteers. Volunteers will be involved in educational, and long life learning activities with children, adults and elderly people.

Volunteer tasks: settle the programme activities; Support in the afterschool programme, helping children with their homework through workshops, group work or individual work; Support children with specific learning disabilities and linguistic difficulties; Organization of linguistic workshop for children and young people both in group and individually; Presence to the canteen service with the educators, children and adolescents; Organization of games, outdoor and recreational activities before and after the afterschool programme.

For more information: https://youthforeurope.eu/listing/evs-in-education-and-long-life-learning-in-vicopisano-italy/

PROJECT 3 – ESC in Environmental education activities

Location: Bordano (Udine), Italy

Mobility Period: 1 March 2020 – 1 January 2021

Number of volunteers: 2

The volunteers will be involved in the management of the Butterfly House and in the environmental education activities. The programming of activities and work division will be deeply tied to the interests and inclinations of the volunteers, so that each one will have space and time to express their ideas and preferences. The volunteers will be encouraged to propose, personalize and improve the activities inside the greenhouses and protocols for the animals both through personalizing daily work and through specific focus and proposals aimed at deepening specific interests. They also can be involved in communication activity, through shooting and editing video and photos and publishing on website and social media. Furthermore, they are also welcomed to enrich the public with their ideas, and experiences by proposing activities and events, by helping during the existing activities to the best of their abilities.

For more information: https://youthforeurope.eu/listing/volunteering-in-italy-in-a-butterfly-house-for-environmental-education-activities/

PROJECT 4 – ESC in activities with children

Location: Fabriano (Ancona), Italy

Mobility period: 30th January 2020 – 30th January 2021

Number of volunteer: 2

The volunteers will be involved in activities with children in a nursery and an Italian-English bilingual kindergarten.

Volunteer tasks: Supporting educators and teachers in everyday tasks; Supervising play time; Animating and carrying out structured activities; Participating in children’s symbolic play; Developing the programme; Animating creative workshops; Overseeing drawing and crafting activities; Supporting meal times; Overseeing nap times; Documentation activities; Providing observations; Tidying up the space; Taking part in coordinating activities; Paperwork; Promotion of volunteering.

For more information:https://youthforeurope.eu/listing/volunteering-in-italy-for-activities-with-children/