Location: Olhão, Portugal

Duration: 10 months

Mobility period: July 2020 – May 2021

Deadline: 15/03/2020

Bona Fides Association and MOJU are looking for Polish volunteers to join their VESSEL project in Olhão in PORTUGAL. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to the following emails: mariachiara@bonafides.pl, and iryna@bonafides.plPlease, write in the title “ESC in Olhão, Portugal“


MOJU is a youth organization founded by a group of young people who strongly believe in the importance of youth participation in society. It is a non-governmental organization that works at three levels: local, national and international. As such, MOJU is a member of the Federation of Youth Organizations of Algarve, of the National Federation of Youth Organizations and of YEU – Youth for Exchange and Understanding.

In short, MOJU´s objectives are the following:

  1. Encourage and stimulate youth participation in society
  2. Develop activities in the field of inter(culture), education, sports, an environment that aim at global youth development
  3. Promote debate and spreading information on youth´s needs and aspirations, in terms of contributing to the development and implementation of local policies
  4. Promote gender equality, citizenship, social inclusion, and non-discrimination
  5. Contribute to youth mobility as a tool for personal and professional development, as well as to the promotion of intercultural dialogue
  6. Promote equal opportunities through providing training to socially engaged citizens
  7. Cooperate with public and private entities, national or international, aiming to develop and implement the aforementioned objectives.


Mais Sucesso (More Success) is a government-financed project on social inclusion, which initially started in 2010.

Within the Project Mais Sucesso, we develop the following activities:

  1. Playroom – a space for recreational and pedagogical activities where any young person can play games, listen to music and read books
  2. CID – Centre of Digital Inclusion where young people can carry out tasks, surf the internet, play games online
  3. Individual Mentoring Office – space aiming at developing and monitoring school-related and professional activities of young people
  4. Educational support – support homework to combat the underachievement and early school dropout
  5. Non-formal education workshops to attach importance to education and promote reflection on behavior, values, and attitudes
  6. Training and mentoring – teachers´ training at the level of school tutoring
  7. Tutoring to combat school absenteeism and focus on the importance of schooling in children´s/young people´s lives
  8. Psychosocial support – aims at encouraging young people in the development of their psychosocial competences
  9. Parental Education – whose goal is to provide support to parents in the educational process of their children (part of the program ʺ+family, +childʺ)
  10. Parental support – maintaining regular contact with the families in order to combat family breakdown
  11. Sports activities for young people
  12. Arts Atelier – whose objective is to encourage children and young people to do arts and crafts expressing themselves and their emotions
  13. Holiday activities – conducting a variety of activities during school breaks (going to the beach, pool, visits, mentoring, thematic workshops)
  14. IT trainings – certified training for children and youth
  15. Employment – a space whose objective is creating resumes and looking for jobs on the Internet


This Help Desk is the result of a partnership between Moju and the Center of Employment and its goal is to help unemployed young people and adults in the labour market, in close cooperation with the local Centres of Employment.


Moju, as an organization, is authorized to implement activities as part of school holiday camps to promote a healthy lifestyle during school breaks.


Conducting certified training courses in partnership with various entities, on different topics.


MOJU is an accredited organization within the European Solidarity Corps, a programme financed by the European Commission whose primary aim is to promote youth mobility at an international level. This means that MOJU is authorized to receive, host and send young people to participate in volunteer programs at the international level.

Moreover, we are members of various NGOs, national and international, thus organizing and participating in international youth exchanges and training courses. It promotes initiatives within the field of volunteering, volunteering camps, international work camps, and leisure. Last but not least, cooperating with other entities, Moju organizes events such as Abril Bandas Mil, Olhares, Youth Week and celebration of holidays such as São João and São Pedro.


VESSEL is a long term International Volunteering project with several volunteers, involving one hosting organization (Portugal) and different sending organizations from several countries. The volunteers will be placed for a maximum 12 month period in the southern Portuguese city of Olhão, where they´ll have the opportunity to experience a different culture and way of living, to learn and experience new things, and to use the knowledge and experience gained in their countries so that they can act as a liaison between partner organizations. The volunteers will be involved in the activities and projects developed by the hosting organization and will be encouraged to develop and implement their projects/ideas.

The project will promote young people’s active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular since living and working abroad will be an important learning experience in itself for the volunteers. Also, the contact with the local youth will encourage the discussion about the European values with persons from different backgrounds and realities, but also will be a chance to promote changes in different areas and different topics. In terms of specific objectives for youth under the Erasmus + Program, VESSEL will help to improve the level of skills and key skills of young people, including the disadvantaged, promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity, particularly through creating opportunities for mobility for learning purposes. Complementing will help to improve the quality of youth work by strengthening the cooperation between youth organizations. In terms of priorities, the project will enable the development of basic and transversal competences such as entrepreneurship and multilingualism, and will raise awareness of European citizenship.

We intend to privilege the development of the volunteers’ personal skills and create learning opportunities, both based on non-formal methods, through tutoring sessions to introduce the volunteer to the organization and to provide them with the necessary skills to carry out their tasks, through direct contact with the community, the culture and the language. At the same time, the service of the volunteers will bring a strong value both to MOJU and to the community in general, through the direct results of their work for and with the local youngsters and through the different points of view that they will bring.


– Support the development of activities for youngsters, which will involve the preparation of group dynamics, team building activities, cultural activities, sports activities, and others, always in articulation with the association’s team;

– School support, where the volunteers will have the chance to have direct contact with children and organize several outdoor activities;

– Promotion of games and activities for youngsters during school breaks;

– Work at the social living room of MOJU´s head office, which is open to children and youngsters from Monday to Sunday, where the volunteers can help in the organization of the space, in the organization of activities for the holidays related to special events, in the organization of sports activities and the creation of new activities, among others;

– Support in the international relationships, helping the team in the organization of international training for the cooperation of people from different nationalities in various subjects, youth work camps, for the promotion of volunteering in various subjects and international training and exchange programmes;

– Office support, making contacts with international partners.


The volunteer’s selection process is intended to be transparent and open to all involved. There are no preferences regarding gender, age or study areas. However, a special concern is taken on the analysis of volunteers’ expressed interest in working with children and young people with fewer opportunities and at risk of exclusion, since these will be the main goal of the proposed activities. The fact that the volunteer has some experience linked with youth associations is seen as positive for the development of the activities/ projects, although it isn´t an exclusion point for the decision. The most important is that the volunteer shows a willingness to develop the proposed activities/ projects with motivation.

The information on the project will be published on the international database of the European Solidarity Corps. At the same time, a call for interested volunteers of partner organizations will be launched. Then, volunteers (with support from the Sending Organization, will supply a Curriculum Vitae and a motivation letter in English, for a preliminary analysis of the application. After that, the candidates may be requested to fill in an application form with supplementary information.

Very Important: In order to be selected to participate in the project, the candidate needs to be part of the international database of the European Solidarity Corps.