Bona Fides Association and Association CBES Padre Tobias are looking for volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Samora Correia, Portugal, and have an opportunity to work with local disadvantaged group (refugees, people with disabilities, seniors, and children). To apply please fill this application form: and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: and  and

  • Location: Samora Correia, Portugal
  • Deadline: As soon as possible
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mobility period: September 2020 – August 2021


The objectives of this project in the short and long term are to continue to work with young people in our community as well as with young people from Europe, enabling them to continue to acquire new technical and psychosocial skills through intercultural sharing, gaining greater integration capacity, participation in European democratic life and an active citizenship of social inclusion and solidarity.
With the implementation of the project it is intended that it has an impact at various levels, namely in the youth, host institution and community. For young people, it will be very important to acquire new technical and psychosocial skills, which will allow them to improve their curriculum, integrate labor market, learn a new language, as well as cultural enrichment, among others. For CBES Padre Tobias this project will provide a continuity of work, based on the support to young people (Portuguese and other nationality), who present greater geographical, educational, social and economic difficulties.


  • -help the staff in the preparation of cultural, leisure and recreational activities for target groups (youngsters, disadvantaged people, elderly people…);
  • -collaboration with local entities for the event organization to involve and unite the local community in leisure activities;
  • -partnership develompement and maintenance with local organisations: Immigrant organisations, Senior daily centres, institutions for people with disabilities…
  • 2. SENIOR activities
  • -development of leisure time activities (handicrafts, dance games, gymnastics, workshops , etc.);
  • -support in seniors’ daily practises;
  • -activities during holidays and related to special events (ex: Christmas theatre play, build Carnival masks, trips, birthday parties, religious events…);
  • -computer lessons for seniors;
  • -help in meals time;
  • -support in food bank.
  • -therapeutic and leisure time activities (traditional games, singing and dancing, ceramics painting, decorating workshops);
  • -sports activities (boccia, water adapted activities);
  • -recreational activities (tours, walking);
  • -help in meals time.
  • -Accompaniment of clients to medical services and official services;
  • -Accompaniment of users in cultural activities and knowledge of the country/region (eg. visits to museums, participation in cultural events, etc.);
  • -Development of entertainment and leisure time actions (theatre, sports, socio-cultural animation);
  • -Logistical and administrative support;
  • -Analysis and studies in the field of migration;
  • -Support in food bank;
  • -Participation in the “Communitarian Pray” – involving dozans people from different countries and religions: a practise that is held in many languages every week, an event organised by the refugees and migrants from different religions and cultures that wants to give a strong message of unity and non-discrimination. Local people are also more and more participating in it.
  • -Participation in community events, brainstorming of ideas to be shared among local people to make the development of the city accessible for everyone;
  • -Our volunteers will be also asked to take part in activities to promote European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus + in schools, fairs and other events. For this, we will leave them free to do whatever they
    like (it could be workshops, presentations, small or large-scale events), ProAtlantico and Bona Fides will support any idea coming from them at this and all other purposes of the project.


Accommodations: CBES Padre Tobias International House, one shared room for two people, one individual room, kitchen, bathroom, common areas with TV and Internet and a backyard. The house is equipped with all the household appliances and utensils of a modern European house.
 Costs connected to travel: Provided by CBES Padre Tobias.
Food: You will receive food from the CBES Padre Tobias storeroom that you will have to cook at home, or if it´s not possible to go home to eat because of the activities, you can eat at the cafeteria or were its conceivable and we will pay for the meal.
Transportation: You will have transportation provided by CBES Padre Tobias for activities within the project and out of the city.
Pocket money: You will have a 110€ Pocket money to manage during the month, this money will be given to you in the first 10 days of each month, by bank transfer or live money.
Portuguese Classes: Portuguese lessons will be given by a Portuguese language teacher in a minimum of 2 hours weekly.
Vacation and days off: You will have 2 days off per week, usually at weekends, except if you have some activity in one of those days, in that case we can reschedule the days off. You will also have 2 days’ vacation per month that you can use or accumulate with other months to have a bigger vacation period.

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