Bona Fides Association and Centre for Creative Solutions (C4CS), Culture and Education Association are looking for motivated and active volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our Solidarity Corps projects in Lovinac, Croatia in order to work at the permacultural farm. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and Motivational letter to the following emails: and and

Location: Lovinac, Croatia
Deadline: 20 May 2020
Duration: 4 months
Mobility period: June/July/August 2020 – October/September/November 2020 (DEPENDING ON THE CO-VID 19 SITUATION)

Project description:

You are a person that likes nature and wants to learn and share a scope of skills including:

  • -building houses, different constructions, raised beds
  • -cooking and preparing food for winter, drying food
  • -greenhouse management, soil management, compost, mulching
  • -water collection and spreading throughout the garden
  • -making your own beer
  • -managing solar panels, batteries, regulators and volts, watts and -amps
  • -collecting and storing seeds, tending chickens and ducks, collecting herbs and mushrooms
  • -repairing tools, DIY and recycling
  • -tending garden
  • -and why is that knowledge important at all.
    The 4 months ECOCENTRIC project will take place at permacultural farm, C4CS –
    Centre for Creative Solutions in Lovinac, region of Lika in Croatia.

Practical information:

Center for Creative Solutions (C4CS) is located in the rural Croatia, near the Velebit mountains, some 600 meter above sea level with rich wildlife, pristine nature and organic lifestyle. At the C4CS one can find: tinny house on wheels where hosts are living, permacultural garden, facilities for work and tools and facilities for volunteers. Small local shop, post office, cafe and first aid are situated 2 kilometres from C4CS at the centre of Lovinac. There is a lake 10 km from the C4CS, seaside is some 30 km away, Zadar is 70
km. Plitvice lakes nature park is 75 km, Zagreb is 240 km, with two trains a day commuting back and forth. Accommodation is set up in the oak and wild cherry woods in individual tents. Volunteers are able to chose their own location to set up their tent, whether they prefer solitude, sunnier or place in the shade. Electricity is from renewable sources so moderation with the consumption is advised. Water is pumped using same technology, so usage also has to be done in moderation. There are 2 field compost toilets
and a shower heated on solar energy. Kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker and campfire can be used daily. Days tend to be sunny and warm and nights cold and moist. There can be sudden rainstorms and thunderstorms. Center is ALL ORGANIC so please bring your bio-degradable hygiene products and cosmetics. There is no WIFI at the C4CS though we provide Croatian SIM card. Working hours: 6 hours/day, 2 days/week are free (32 free days during the whole project – can be used together). Course in basics of Croatian language is provided.
C4CS provides: food and accommodation (tent), kitchen utensils, extra blankets and other accommodation arrangements, travelling costs in the amount up to 275 Euros (limited by the Erasmus+ distance calculator), monthly allowance (in the fixed amount of 155 Euro).
Bring: sleeping bag, working shoes, flip flops, walking shoes, comfortable summer and working clothes, overalls, all-weather jacket, sun hat, sunglasses, extra clothes for changing, UV sun block, long sleeve shirt, swimming suit, warm clothes for evenings and rainy days, headlamp or battery-torch, candles, lamps with solar chargers, towel, medicines that you use or need, insect bites ointment, sun lotion, passport or ID and other necessary documents (driving license if you own it), all invoices and travel
tickets (your travel costs can be reimbursed only if all the invoices and tickets are handed over), Your ESC insurance paper (made by sending organization) and European healthinsurance card, musical instruments, camera, drawing notebook, organic seeds for exchange, special needs (diets, medicine).
Please, tell us beforehand if you need any assistance from us in this matter by sending email to


Croatia, region of Lika, Lovinac, village Rasoja.

Coming with the train
Train station Lovinac is half way between Zagreb – Split railroad. From train station there is 5 km to the Center for Creative Solutions. There are 2 trains a day from Zagreb or Split direction.
Contact us beforehand with time of arrival so we can organize pick-ups.

Coming with the bus

From Zagreb, Zadar or other cities, take a bus to Gospić – city 40 km away from the C4CS.
Contact us beforehand with time of arrival so we can organize pick-ups. There is a train from Gospić to Lovinac 2 times a day (Gospić is on Zagreb Split line).
Coming with the plane
Closest airport is in Zadar, main one is in Zagreb. Take a bus from Zadar to Gospić bus station (40 km away from the camp).
Timeline and prices for buses:
Timeline and prices for trains:

Participants’ profile:

Please read following text and find if it fits your profile. We are looking
for person that is:

  1. in a good physical shape;
  2. willing and able to take activities that are required at the permaculture farm and surroundings;
  3. able to live in camp with limited comfort and resources for prolonged
  4. having a keen interest the subjects of: ecology, permaculture,
    renewable energy, environment, helping community;
  5. interested to learn of organic everyday lifestyle including hygiene,
    kitchen etc.;
  6. proactive and diligent;
  7. willing to be part of the entire project for 4 months and take part of
    the daily activities required at the farm;
  8. able to adapt and improvise;
  9. able to communicate in English;
  10. between 18-30 years old.
    We are looking for young people who are excited by nature, capable of handling all its positive sides as well as challenges. The area is no
    smoking and food is vegetarian.