Bona Fides Association and Le Centre Information Jeunesse Val d’Oise (CIJ) / The Youth Information Centre (YIC) are looking for active and passionate volunteers from Poland or residents, to join our Solidarity Corps projects in Cergy, France, focused on promoting mobility and citizenship in Europe for youngsters. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and Motivational letter (video, drawing…) to the following emails: and and

Location: Cergy, France
Deadline: OPEN
Duration: 9 months
Mobility period: October 2020 – June 2021

Project description : Promoting mobility and citizenship in Europe

The main missions will be:

  • -To participate in the local activities of the association: workshops with young people or at school, fairs, meetings, cultural events…
  • -To help promoting mobility and develop the mobility centre within the association
  • -To propose activities like Polyglot coffees, debates, workshops in schools…
  • -To participate in projects with the volunteers (french or international) of the association
  • -To help the project manager in the preparation of the activities (communication, flyers’ creation, management of the Facebook page)
  • -The volunteer will participate in a regional project with other European volunteers (once aweek)
  • -The volunteer can also create and lead his/her own proper project

Volunteer’s environment and facilities

The association is located in the urban area of Cergy-Pontoise, more precisely in the city of Cergy, in the suburbs of Paris (approximately 45 minutes away from the capital city by train). The volunteer will be accommodated in a student residence near the YIC and will be provided a transportation card to move across the city. Cergy-Pontoise has a good transportation network (train, bus, bike paths) which will allow the volunteer to move easily across the region.

The urban area of Cergy-Pontoise is welcoming and lively as it offers many activities (theatres, movie theatres, swimming pools, skating rink, sports and cultural associations, leisure centre, shopping centre, libraries).
Concerning food, he/she will have the choice between a variety of university restaurants and cafeterias or the association’s kitchen. He/she will have the possibility to have lunch with the team especially with other volunteers to get integrated and create relationships more easily.

Moreover, the volunteer will live in a multicultural environment as the city hosts the University of Cergy-Pontoise which is one of the major higher education poles of Ile de France (Paris region). The campus counts 27 000 students and many international students. It is frequently a place where cultural events take place and it hosts various student associations which bring life to the campus.

Living in Cergy-Pontoise would be a good way for the volunteer to discover and explore France because he/she could enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Val d’Oise and have easy access to the capital to visit and go sightseeing at the same time.

Costs of living, social security, insurances, fees for the trip, pocket money covered by the program!

To know more about the urban aera:

Volunteer profile
 Age : 18/30 years old
 To be eger, curious, attentive, open-minded
 Work volume : 35 hours/week

Infopack for further information: