Bona Fides Association and Center for Community Mobilisation and Support are looking for volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in  Armenia in order to spread Polish and Armenian culture and to increase youth awareness about European values . To apply please fill this application form: and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: and

  • Location: Alaverdi, Armenia
  • Deadline: OPEN
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Mobility period:  November/December 2020 – August-September 2021


The Polish volunteer will develop the following activities:

  • • (10%) Taking part in a set of prep trainings with ESC Coordinator, mentor and CCMS’s staff about Armenian culture, traditions, relations with youth, Armenian youth problems. The volunteer will start contact with youth and social workers from chosen communities and prepare all tools for meetings. Here he\she’ll be involved in the management of information and communication tools of our NGO: newsletters, social networks, publications and website.
  • • (45%) Implementation of the European Club for Armenian Youth in Alaverdi to increase youth awareness about Europe, its values, principles, identity, history, and to investigate European elementes of the Armenian society through NE methods. The volunteer will collaborate with youth workers in chosen communities and conduct meeting with them. He\she’ll take care of every aspect and character at every stage of this initiatives, which promotes the research and the development of the area, the increase of respect for the inter-cultural and inter-religious diversity by discussions. The volunteer will be responsible for conducting interviews and collecting opinions of youth on these topics, then preparing a final report in pdf.
  • • the creation of social campaign on social media by collecting photos and short movies of youth from the club to promote among local community tolerant attitudes;
  • • creation and implementation of a calendar of weekly activities with Armenian youth in Alaverdi: games, group dynamics, workshops, handicrafts, theatre, dance, sports, music, etc.
  • • if the volunteer is creatively-inclined or interested in physical activities contribute their time in activities involving arts and crafts, sports, exercise, dance, yoga, aerobics, and other social and/or fun activities for the community. Such activities will be driven by the volunteer him\herself, as he\she will select the topics, promote the events, look for and\or create the necessary material and tools…
    • Office: Help the team with administrative tasks; establish and\or keep contacts with European Partners and look for new potential partnerships; make posters for activities, edit the webpage of CCMS, create flyers for promotion of CCMS projects, take photos of the activities, make promotional videos about CCMS, etc.
    • Logistic Support: support the organization of Summer Camps, New Year’s Eve, sports tournaments, cultural activities, intercultural evenings, pic-nics, festivals, training courses, youth exchanges, workcamps, and other events. It includes organizational, practical and managerial actions, shopping, organisation and transport of materials and people, cleaning, decoration, building stages, cooking, etc.
  • • Organisation of local exhibitions, presentations and conversations with Armenian young people or future ESC volunteers to motivate young people to be more active or apply for mobility projects.
  • • Inform young people about the ESC experience as a volunteer in Armenia and also provide information about some aspects of Poland (ex: culture, language, cultural places, etc.).
  • • Leisure time activities for young people, mainly on the period after school until dinner time; parties and special events/intercultural activities.
  • • (10%) Evaluation: our volunteer will have time to evaluate his\her new skills, prepare a final report of European Club and promote it on-line. As being usual in these last years the volunteer can plan and prepare movie about the work in the Club and show it during a special “Bye Bye Gala”, a final party dedicated to his\her whole experience, at the end of the mobility.


Travel costs will be reimbursed by the ESC program
CCMS will be responsible to provide a flat shared with other volunteers hosted in the Association, fully equipped (equipped kithchen, toilet and bathroom, WI-FI, furniture with cleaning, cooking, and washing facilities. The volunteer will have his/her own room) and located in a good position in Alaverdi town. The costs of the vevue to the office and other working places will be totally covered. The volunteer will have his own working place at CCMS’ office, where he\she will be able to use tools and materials for his\her project and personal activities.

The volunteer will receive money for pocket money and money for food every month, by cash or possibly by bank transfer. Tickets for local transport will be also provided to all working venues of the region.

CIGNA Insurance will be made for the volunteer by Bona Fides.