Bona Fides Association and SEEDS are looking for volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Iceland. The volunteers will have the role of Environmental Messengers. Send your Curriculum Vitae, Motivational letter and filled out application form to the following emails: , and

  • Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Deadline: Application CLOSED
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Mobility period:  28 September 2020 – 28 February 2021

Project description

1. EVS Volunteers arrival. SEEDS will organise an on-arrival project-specific orientation training. During this time volunteers will be given enough tools and theoretical knowledge combined with practical tasks in order to prepare them for the stay and the activities on the field. Volunteers will be introduced to few main topics, SEEDS as the hosting organisation, Iceland as the hosting country, intercultural awareness and leadership. Intercultural, recreational and integration activities will be organised with the active involvement of the volunteers.

2. When going to lead the workcamps, volunteers have a “pilot/test project” where experienced leaders & EVS volunteers participate; the conditions are similar or the same to those of the regular camps. This aims at building confidence within a comfortable environment (with few short-term volunteers, if any), to experience “in real” how a workcamp is run, to face possible challenging situations and to try out the tools given in stage 1.

Activity description

On field work takes place when the camps are run and implemented. Workcamps are the most common form of short-term volunteering and are projects where a group of volunteers live and work together on a project which has been identified by a local partner. They generally last between 1 and 2 weeks. There are different types of projects and they can be:

– Nature conservation or environment protection: removing invasive growth, building of walking paths or hiking trails, cleaning of the coastline, reforestation and erosion control works, etc.

– Renovation and restauration: construction or renovation of a building, monument or community building, etc.

– Cultural and sports events: support of festivals, celebrations, sport events, and other gatherings.

– Agricultural projects: organic farming, tree-nurseries.

– Awareness campaigns and global education projects.

– Artistic projects

– Projects focused on environmental education

International workcamps bring together volunteers from different backgrounds aiming at building up understanding & encouraging peace while working for an identified need, groups range from 5 to 30 volunteers.

Participant’s profile

We are looking for candidates who are:

● Between 18-30 years old
● Interested in environmental issues
● Interested to spend time with people from all over the world
● Positive and flexible
● Ready to organize trash huntings under cold weather

Accommodation and other expenses

What is included:
● Accommodation
● Food
● Pocket Money
● Travel grant – the volunteers buy their own ticket and get reimbursed (up to the travel grant defined
by distance) after the end of the project, once the volunteer has filled out the final report.

For more information: