Bona Fides Association and  Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies Association are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our long-term project in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The project is dedicated to the topic of Cyber-bullying. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter to the following emails:, and

Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Duration: 12 Months

Mobility Periods: October 2020- October 2021

Deadline: As soon as possible

Project description

The main priorities of the Cyber-bullying project is sharing, creating, and Innovating the sort of cooperation we have had such a fantastic experience with involving the new, fresh, young, inspiring people as volunteers with emphasis on the dangers of cyber-bullying and irresponsible use of social networks. In the context of mutual inspiration of the project and its partnership that aims to increase the competence of adolescents from all the partner organisations, in the way they are able to share experience efficiently. The Civic Association Risks of internet and modern technology, Do not be a victim! Focuses on preventive educations for young people and adults, teachers and parents in the issue of unsafe use of the Internet and communication technologies. Warns against misuse of personal data and the introduction of new phenomena in cyberspace, such as sexting, grooming, phishing, Happy Slapping. We are dedicated shooting movies, comics and creating educational programs, lectures and implementing effective projects. Becoming an international team will allow us use foreign languages, what is also a great opportunity for us to practice mainly English, but also German. The communicating language that will be used among all the team members and a volunteers will be English.

 We have a capacity for two volunteers to plan and run their activities, based on their own preferences. Be it musical, theatre, science, ICT, or any courses, competitions, activities. The main aim is to bring the local communities together. All the volunteers are free to arrange their own activities, with (more or less) no limits.


Volunteer has ensured the accommodation in a nice flat which is situated in the city centre of Ostrava, very close to the office. There is a fully equipped bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, living room, and bathroom with toilet. Volunteers have all house appliances including washing machine and Wi-Fi connection. During all (not only working) days volunteer can also use computers, printer and other office equipment within our office. At the moment we have capacity to host 2 volunteers who may share one apartments.

Food and pocket money:

Pocket money: 5 Eur/per day

Food: 5 Eur/ per day

Volunteer usually takes care of food themselves. Sometimes we do have lunches/dinners together but that is an exception.

Activities at the Risks of Internet

When it comes to percentages, the administrave work would come to 30-40%, nonetheless we can always discuss and match this percentage to the preferences of each volunteer. We are open to support volunteers in guiding them and letting them create and work on their own project applications, uploading webpages, sorting or scanning documents, creating or uploading certificates and materials for pupils, creating flyers for upcoming events, shooting or/and editing videos and pictures from the events, creating comics, educative games, cooperation with foreign organisations etc. If the volunteer enjoys the administrative work and is willing to develop these skills we are open to assist or give him/her tasks that would be helpful in the future as well, regarding the process of project management itself. Volunteer will get to know and get familiar with all the process of creating a project in two phases at the projects that are already running and projects those that are being created. Participating within the process of creating will help to understand the process of submitting application. We are willing to support the volunteer in their own new and innovative ideas. Volunteer is also welcome to join and participate on different and many other project we are involved in. Mainly, creating program for the mobility students coming to Ostrava for several weeks in regular flows. Or finding new potential partners and working on  own little projects. Volunteer will attend many events and lessons in our partner schools always in the company of the lecturer from our association who is specialized in the field. While such an event, volunteer is welcome to take an active part while preparatory phase, as for instance place the necessary elements for the lesson, which could be posters with comics on topic of risks of internet, prepare classes, sort chairs and tables, plug in and make sure the projector and a laptop works, etc.  videos, and many others…

For more information, please do not hesitate to visit our web:


ALVIT – innovation and education, Ltd

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for two independent and proactive volunteers. We do not require special skills or experience, however a positive approach towards ICT and project management is warmly welcome. We would be happy to welcome on board of our team someone who is happy to come up with own ideas as well as take a part in those that are already running. There is a possibility for volunteers to organise own workshops, activities, courses, etc. but also join those that re and will be running.

We are open to welcome in Ostrava two friends,  a couple but also two strangers, all possibilities are open, as long as these two people are open to work as a team.:)