Bona Fides Association together with AFAIJ are looking for Polish volunteers or residents in Poland, to join our ESC project in Spain, Monsagro related to work with children, environment and tourism. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter to the following emails:, and

  • Location:   MONSAGRO, Spain
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Mobility period:  flexible
  • Deadline: OPEN

Project description

The activities you can do as part of the project are either environmental (the volunteer will be placed in a work team with a few local workers who can guide them through what needs doing. Their hours are usually 07:00-15:00) or working with children (they leave mid-way through September). There is also the option to do a mix of both. The tasks included are listed below (but this is not an exhaustive list)…If they like, the volunteer can also participate in the museum. This would generally involve giving guided tours of the museum, so a good level of Spanish and/or English is important if you are interested! Someone with experience in IT would also be a good candidate for a position at the museum.

Tasks of volunteers

Environmental area:

– Helping maintain the national park (e.g. keeping tourist hotspots accessible and tidy such as viewpoints, paths, etc.)

– Helping maintain the botanical garden

– Helping keep areas at risk of forest fire clear and safe

– Supporting associations that work to prevent forest fires (helping with prevention methods etc.)

Children/young person’s area:

– Teaching English to the children and the other volunteers (adults)

– Supporting school staff with carrying out activities, games and workshops with children

– Participation in the various activities organised by local volunteers

– If they like, offering their own new activities and games to the children

Fosils’ museum:

– Reception

– Maintenance

– If your level of Spanish/English is good enough, giving guided tours of the museum might also be an option

Accommodation and other arrangements

Volunteers will stay in a flat located at the center of the village with their own bedroom (usually private, but it is possible they share with another volunteer). The bathrooms and kitchen are shared, and volunteers buy and cook their own food. There is WiFi. Volunteers are given 120€ a month (by AFAIJ) to buy food.

Volunteer profile

It would be convenient if the volunteers are/have:

• Over 20 years old.

• Medium level in Spanish.

• Medium level in English language.

• Flexible and open-minded.

• Interest for cultural, environmental or geological activities.

• Capable of living in a small village for months.

• No specific or professional training is required.

For more information check the info pack: