Bona Fides Association together with Sundsvalls kommunare looking for Polish volunteers or residents in Poland, to join our ESC project in Sundsvall, Sweden in order to work with youth,magazine content writing, filming, photography, etc.. To apply, please send us your CV and motivational letter to the following emails:, and

  • Location:  Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mobility period: September 2021 -September 2022
  • Deadline: 30 April

Description of our project in the City of Sundsvall

We are convinced that the presence of young people from other countries in Europe will support the youth in Sundsvall to take the step to visit other countries on both a voluntary basis but also for future studies or/and work. Understanding and acceptance of people from other countries are promoted in our organization. A fairly large amount of young immigrants from other countries lives in Sundsvall. For them, the participants in our projects have been and still is a connecting point, with their common status in our country as “visitors”. The work we plan and implement in our department, with/for the youngsters of Sundsvall, needs continuous updating to broaden and increase awareness of similarities and differences in Europe, between young disadvantaged participants, working staff in our organization and participants from all over Europe, including neighboring countries and Mediterranean countries. Through our project’s basic theme of inclusion of disadvantaged young people and the participants of the project different ideas for their own projects.

Locations in the project

In our Erasmus+ project we have the following locations

You will work in one youth club and FFA (Fritid för Alla). FFA works towards young people with disabilities, in the municipality of Sundsvall. In FFA you will mee youngsters in the ages of 13-22 years old, mostly. FFA arranges activities in all holidays for the youths, when youngsters are off school. We have activities one week in the autumn,
one week in March, Easter week, and summer holidays. It is good if you have some ideas of activities that you can organize with their help and in cooperation with each other!

Unga Magasinet
You will also work in a youth venue, called Unga Magasinet (Young Magazine). This place is situated in the city center. There you will work mostly with youth from 16-25 years old. On Mondays they have a LGBTQ+ Café, Tuesdays—Fridays they have a regular youth café.
Here people, mainly youth, go to jam cafés, arrange concerts and train with their band or make a record.
Film and Photo
The Municipality also has several types of equipment in connection with photo and film making that young people can borrow and work with.

Apartment, transpotation, etc…

You have your own room in an apartment containing 3 bedrooms, one shower + WC, one single WC and a kitchen. You don’t have to bring anything for the flat! There are linen, towels, kitchen utensils and so on for you to use, and to take care of! Internet is available in your bedroom!
Your trip to Sundsvall and back to your home country will be organised and paid for by the host organization (us). You will also receive a bus card, so you can go by bus to and from work and to other activities. We have also bikes, so in the spring/summer/autumn you can bike to and from work!
Cash and food money
You will receive 4 100:- each month! That is 400 Euros/month, approximately! This amount should cover your costs for food (you plan, shop, and cook your own food) and pocket money!
If you have a mobile/cell phone – bring it! We will set you up with a cash card and a Swedish telephone number so you can reach us and others – and the other way around!
You will have holidays in the summer, approximately beginning in the first week of July and 4/5 weeks ahead! In December the volunteers are usually off work during some days! We also have some traditional holidays during the spring. You will get information about this, when we do your work schedule together after you have arrived

Hopefully, you will start Swedish classes, rather immediately when you arrive, but it can also happen that you have to wait for the right course to start. Maybe 4-6 weeks! Your starting depends on how many students the school has to prepare places for! We keep our fingers crossed for an early start, since we know that the sooner you get to learn a little bit of Swedish, the easier it will be for you to get integrated in society, work, and in meeting with people

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