Bona Fides Association and Jump In are looking for 6 participants from Poland to join Youth Exchange in Italy. To apply send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: and Please, write in the title “Youth Exchange in Italy”.

  • Location: Poggiardo, Italy
  • Deadline: OPEN
  • Duration: one week
  • Mobility period: 6th – 14th September 2021


The project has among its objectives education to diversity, to multiculturalism understood not as the juxtaposition of different cultures, but as a path of common living, in which all the diversities are recognized, whether they are of the type religious, social, economic, political, cultural, gender and sexual orientation in a common legal framework. through the project we would therefore like to:

  • train and educate young people ready to accept the challenges of cultural diversity;
  • spread the concept that every person is a global citizen, responsible for humanity, the planet and the future;
  • share information on immigration analyzed from various points of view;
  • know what are the reasons for emigration;
  • understand the difference between push and pull factors;
  • analyze the effects of migration on people and communities;
  • knowing how to decline the concept of citizenship in its various meanings;
  • know the different solutions that have been adopted in the migration destination countries regarding the right to citizenship.


We are looking for one group leader and 5 partcipants from age 18 till 25.


Every country team is represented by one team leader. The country organization shall choose the group leader very smart, in order to provide quality preparation of the team members, to provide good communication between the hosting team and the country team, and to follow and support the team members while the travel and the exchange duration. He/she is a youth worker (volunteer, coordinator, trainer, and etc) in the sending partner organization. He/she should be older than 18 years old, with proven experience in youth work and as a team leader.

Check more information in the Info Pack, you can download it here:

If you have any question please send an email to: or