Volunteering in Germany  Location: Berlin, Germany Duration: 6 months Mobility period: January 2022 - June 2022  Bona Fides is looking for POLISH volunteer to join ESC project in order to work with the topic of migrants and refugees from Africa.

Bona Fides Association and Association AfricAvenir International e.V. are looking for one volunteer from Poland or resident, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Germany, in order to work with the topic of migrants and refugees from Africa. To apply please fill this application form: https://forms.gle/74hFfwsju83ieHKdA and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: mariachiara@bonafides.pl and anna@bonafides.pl.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Deadline: CLOSED
Duration: 6 months
Mobility period: January 2022 – June 2022


1) The demand for this project lies in the multicultural composition of the Berlin and German society, and in the great African presence in the city and in the country. Germany and African countries are linked to a colonial past and its after-effects, which can still be felt today, and that are the present and the future of the two continents closely linked.

2) In time, this has inevitably raised challenges, social problems, obstacles, needs, as well as opportunities, enriching exchanges, mutual collaboration and cooperation. The need to implement a clearer Afro-Europea community in Berlin is one of the main reasons why we want to carry on this project. This can be clearly seen when current and future issues about the European continent can no longer be considered as completely separated from issues regarding the African continent.

3) The third reason that pushes us to implement this project relies on the fact that the current political, social and media discourses on the current and future relationship between Europe and Africa yet consider the African-diasporic view only partially and marginally – this made us understand that the African-European relations are often not considered on an equal level, but mainly on a dominating European view.

4) This has surely a deep influence on the local public opinion that, despite the great presence of African inhabitants in Berlin and German cities, see the dependency of Africa as historically necessary, almost justified, as African countries are generally weaker than our benevolent, “developed” Europe is manifested at various levels.


-> Be active in the Partner’s social media channels: to foster the Association’s activities, reach a wider audience and make local people more aware of the need for a more integration-oriented perspective at a social and political level.

-> Participate as organizers, supporters and idea-makers in the creation of new events connecting local Germans with local Africans.

-> Be engaged in the constant contact with the head office in Douala, Cameroon (founded in 1985), the Namibian Section (2007), the Beninese Section (2012), the smaller sections in Vienna, France, Senegal, USA, Canada and Brazil.

-> Be involved in the activity of sending books to the Associations’ fans and followers.

-> Be involved in the daily office work and team working with all members of the Association (email checking, brainstorming, team meeting, fundraising and promotional strategies…).

-> Be involved in internat books production and distribution.

-> Be engaged in the management of local and international initiatives and projects in collaboration with local and international Partners.

-> Be engaged in the fight for human and African women’s rights.

-> Research activity of the local, European and international policies in terms of integration, migration and social inclusion.


-> volunteer from Poland (Pole or foreigner legally living in Poland),

-> 18-30 years old,

-> willing to spend one year in Berlin, Germany,

-> interested in the topic of the project,

-> full of motivation and ideas.

For more information please write to mariachiara@bonafides.pl or anna@bonafides.pl.