Volunteering in Greece  Location: Kalamata, Greece Duration: 6 months Mobility periods: Flexible dates from now  Bona Fides is looking for 3  POLISH volunteers to join our ESC project in Kalamata, Greece in order to work in different fields as: working with youth and children, e-commerce, web design, animal care and so on.

Bona Fides Association and NGO Kane are looking for 3 volunteers from Poland to join their European Solidarity Corps project in Kalamata, Greece in order to work in different fields as: working with youth and children, e-commerce, web design, animal care and so on.

To apply please fill in the application form and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails:  dobromir@bonafides.pl, anna@bonafides.pl and write in the title ”ESC in Kalamata, Greece”.

  • Location: Kalamata, Greece
  • Deadline: CLOSED
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Mobility periods: Flexible dates from now


Kalamata is famous for its active youth: local youth often gather together to set up projects, initiatives to improve the community for everybody. One of the centres for them to gather in the Social Youth Centre of Kalamata, funded by youngsters coming from the Nonprofit Organization “KANE”. This centre is a place created by young people for young people. A space for creation, culture, art and intercultural dialogue. The activities of the Youth Centre are based on voluntary work, skills exchange, peer education, learning by doing and non-formal learning. Youth are part of a place that offers opportunities in social life, professional and educational level and language support for those who cannot afford to pay private language institutions.
From its beginning it was, and still is, an initiative of young people aiming at creating an open space for helping youth to understand and use their creativity in order to discover new tools for expression and participation in social life.
It has developed several initiatives to promote social inclusion and improve the local community, with programs for youngsters, disabled, environment and animals.


Volunteers’ tasks:
• Organize and contribute to organize weekly events such as informative, cultural and social events like workshops, info-days, special events etc. with particular care for the involvement of youngsters facing fewer opportunities.
• Creation of other educational activities involving youngsters with fewer opportunities (facing marginalization, physical and mental disabilities, social and geographical obstacles…).
• Promotion of voluntary actions and activities open to local younsgters to encourage them to bring their contribution to local causes and raise youngsters’ interest on social, environmental and cultural issues.
• Participation in the programming, development and evaluation of the activities.
• Preparation and running the “info point” for local youth with a special care for youngsters with special needs or facing fewer opportunities to promote voluntary opportunities and local initiatives organized by the Hosting Organization.
• Following the environmental schedule of the Youth Centre (cleaning of urban spaces, environmental actions etc.), participating in language exchange workshops.
• Developing their own personal project/initiative.

K.ANE Office: participants will cooperate directly with our office and will help in the core of our activities. The K.A.N.E. as a social organization for youth development coordinates youth movements, projects, seminars and trainings, youth exchanges, conferences, school visits and educational, cultural and social events.
Volunteers’ tasks:
• Assisting with administrative tasks and the daily running of K.A.NE.’s office;
• Preparing for and helping with external activities open to everybody (school visits, info-days and other cultural and educational activities in the city);
• Participation in programming, developing and evaluating K.A.NE.’s activities;
• Coordinating an “info point” in order to provide information about opportunities abroad for local young people, with a special focus on people with fewer opportunities;
• Developing other projects on social, environmental and cultural issues.
Volunteers will be also involved in the K.A.NE DIGITAL PLATFORM (https://kanedigital.ngokane.org/), created during quarantine whose main goal is that volunteers will develop new and continuous content for the platform to make Greek young people in general and more specifically young people who do not have access to education and leave in isolated areas able to use it, to get involved in local issues, become aware of their community environment and increase their knowledge/skills.

Volunteers’ tasks:
• Provide online language workshops;
• Organize & facilitate a radio show;
• Assist in the development of graphics designs, promotion of the organization’s activities and of the website, administration of the social media profiles;
• Search for partners to include in the organization’s activities.
Dog Rescue Center: it’s a local organization where volunteers take care of dogs that are abandoned and/or return as strays on the streets.
Volunteers’ tasks will be performed once a week in this centre:
• Assisting with the daily running of the animal shelter (cleaning the shelter, look after the facilities, feed the dogs and take responsibility for their hygiene, in collaboration with veterinarians);
• Taking the dogs for a walk;
• Preparing the dogs for adoption.
Finally, the volunteers will have weekly classes of Greek organized by a Greek native teacher from A1 level.


– The accommodation is provided for each participant, who will be accommodated in the youth hostel and in the guest house that the Hosting Organization provides to its volunteers, two volunteers in each room. The hostel and the guest house are fully equipped with refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, heating system, oven, plates, glasses, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels. Free Wi-Fi in the accommodation and in the office is available. All the expenses (gas, water, electricity) are covered.

– Volunteers are gonna receive money for food and pocket money every month (To avoid spreading Covid volunteers may receive the money for food in coupons)

– The trip to Greece and back to Poland is covered by the program.