Bona Fides Association is looking for 3 volunteers to join our ESC project in Katowice. Main tasks include community building and organazing local integration actvities and working with kids.

To apply for this opportunity please send your CV and motivation letter to:, , and, please write in the title: ESC in Katowice, Poland.

Location: Katowice, Poland
Deadline: OPEN
Duration: 6 months
Mobility period: June 2022 – November 2022

Main activities:

Katowice Community Building and Organizing

  • Research the national composition of the society in Katowice, collection of contacts of local foreigners.
  • Identification of the areas that are more populated with foreigners in the city and research for interested local inhabitants of those areas (Polish and other cultures) to create a group to investigate relevant issues connected to that zone.
  • Organization of meetings with local groups to discuss issues, improvements that may be done in their neighborhoods, ideas of events and others, set clear short-term and long-term goals with the group.
  • Identification of relevant issues concerning vulnerable groups (seniors, minorities, people with disabilities, etc).
  • Organization of meetings with local authorities to present ideas, request for improvements and changes and discuss with them the possibility to act for the benefit of the local community (accompanied by one of the members of our Association).
  • Research on local, regional, national NGOs working for local people, including foreigners, to build new partnership and cooperation and explore further possibilities of intervention.
  • Conduction of interviews with locals and collection of petitions to propose relevant changes in specific areas of the city.
  • Organization of local campaigns to take collective actions involving locals to encourage active engagement and local sensitization (cleaning actions, workshops for competencies exchange, etc).
  • Organization of the “Cultural Year” of Katowice: the volunteers will launch the idea of the dedicating one week a month or every two months to a different culture, and organize the cultural week (with national food, games, dances, events hold in Bona Fides and/or in the market square, if possible) to raise awareness on the variety of cultures in the city and create room for each of them to express their beauty and peculiarities.
  • Organization of language exchanges in the city, to give the possibility to those willing to learn to meet and dedicate their time to learn a new language (organization of groups to meet and talk and\or tandem).


Travel costs will be reimbursed following the rules of European Solidarity Corps projects.

Bona Fides Association will be responsible to provide a flat shared with other volunteers hosted in Katowice, fully equipped (equipped kitchen, toilet and bathroom, WI-FI, furniture with cooking, and washing facilities. The volunteer will have his/her own room) and located in a good position in Katowice. The costs of the venue to the office and other working places will be totally covered. The volunteer will have his own working place at the office, where he/she will be able to use tools and materials for his/her project and personal activities.

The volunteer will receive money for pocket money and money for food every month by bank transfer. Tickets for local transport will be also provided to all working venues of the region.

Volunteers will be insure in CIGNA insurance.