Youth Exchange in Portugal Location: Cruz Quebrada, Portugal Duration: two weeks Mobility periods: 11th - 24th August 2022 Bona Fides and ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil are looking for 6 participants from POLAND to join Youth Exchange in Portugal!

Bona Fides Association and ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil are looking for 6 participants from Poland or Polish residents to join Youth Exchange in Portugal.

To apply send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails:, Please, write in the title “Youth Exchange in Portugal”.

  • Location: Cruz Quebrada, Portugal
  • Deadline: CLOSED
  • Duration: two weeks
  • Mobility period: 11th – 24th August 2022


In the Youth Exchange participants from 7 countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Greece and France will take part.

The main idea of the project is to stimulate the dialogue between youngsters from different countries about the challenge of SDG’s and make them deeply involved in concrete actions to the achievement of the Goals, in order to contribute to the future we want for us and for future generations.

The general objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities;
  • To promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity;
  • To foster quality improvements in youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organizations in the youth field and/or other stakeholders;
  • To enhance the international dimension of youth activities and enhance the capacity of youth workers and organizations in their support for young people in complementarity with the EuropeanUnion’s external action.


The Youth Exchange “It’s Time for SDG’s” wants to introduce the subject of Sustainable Development toyoung people and make them think and act about SDG’s, in order to make them happen. Each group will be composed by 6 youngsters (between 18 to 22 years old) and one leader. The Portuguese group will have 2 leaders. In total there will be 43 participants in the youth exchange that will take place from 11 to 24 August 2022.

During this time, the young people will take part in several activities of non-formal learning linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, in which we want to explore each of the 17 goals and the question of sustainability in all its areas. There will be activities like work groups, ateliers, sport activities, cultural visits, volunteering actions and a street
action, regarding the Goals (eg. Poverty, Health, Education, Equality and Inclusion, Environment, etc).

The young people will have the chance to know the local community and to have contact with the Portuguese culture and habits and shareat the same time their own culture with the other members of the group.
In the end of the youth exchange we hope that the young people become more aware of their role in the society and about the importance of Intercultural Dialogue to reach one more sustainable World from all to all. We also hope that this can be the beginning of several individual and group projects in each participant home town in order to contribute to the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.


We are looking for 6 youngsters (3 boys + 3 girls) between 18-22 years old.

Each group must include at least 5 participants with fewer opportunities (cultural differences, economic obstacles, educational difficulties, geographical obstacles, refugees, social obstacles.).


The participants will be responsible to choose their own transport and will have to pay for it in advance.

The participants must arrive at the Accommodation place at 11/08/2022 before 23:00. The departure from the Accommodation must be at 24/08/2022 before 12:00. The travel must be done on the 11/08/2022 and 24/08/2022. In case some participant wants to arrive earlier or departure after he/she must ask for permission before.

In case the participants arrives earlier or departures after the activity dates, they will be responsible for the accommodation, food, transfers.

ProAtlântico will reimburse travel costs according to the new ERASMUS+ rules:
Poland – 360,00 Euro

The amounts are per participant and include all the travel expenses (including in Portugal to get to Casa Europa).

The leader and participants must keep all transport tickets, invoices, proof of payments, receipts and boarding pass used to come from their residence to the place of the youth exchange and to return home.

The reimbursement of the travel costs will be made taking in consideration the documents given to ProAtlântico and will be made after the Youth Exchange occur directly to the Sending Organization once we get all travel documents an invoice from the sending organization.

Each participant can bring 1 piece of checked luggage; sometimes it is already included in the ticket, if the participant flies using traditional air companies. If the participant decides to use low-cost companies, they usually don’t include the luggage, so the participant can include checked luggage that can be reimbursed. If the participant decides to include additional luggage or extra weight those will not be reimbursed.

Only the cheapest means of transportation (public transportation,2nd class) can be reimbursed. Taxi it’s not reimbursed. We don’t reimburse priority boarding and selection of seats.


The participants will be accommodated in Casa Europa. It used to be a school and it was converted in accommodation for Youth Exchanges and training courses.

The bedrooms are multiple and there are bathrooms and showers available on each floor. There is a common area and a kitchen. Bed clothes and towels will be provided to the participants. Internet Wi-Fi connection is available at Casa Europa (however, it might not have a strong signal because of the highest number of users during the activity).

Covid-19 Protocol

With this distance, it is hard to predict what will be the evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal and other countries. So, there might be the need to include some additional measures if the situation gets worse.

For the time being, we are looking for leaders and participants with full vaccination, and with a report of negative test to Covid-19 48 hours prior to arrival to Portugal (the test can be PCR or Antigen, but it can’t be an auto-test. We need the clinical report with the results. If the test has costs, those are not reimbursed).


ProAtlântico will make travel insurance for the leader and participants during the exchange, this insurance will cover also COVID-19 effects to make sure that all participants will not be in a difficult situation in case someone in the group get infected during the activity.
No reimburse will be made of extra insurances taken by the participants. If participants decide to do other insurance will be at their own responsible and it will not be refundable.

Check more information in the Infopack, you can download it here:

If you have any question please send an email to: