Bona Fides Association is looking for 25 young people: 18 to 25 years old, from Italy, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Poland to join our one week Youth Exchange project:
Open up! Towards more sensitive, tolerant and diverse Europe“,
what will take place in Katowice, in Poland.

Project description:
Although European Union is based on a set of common fundamental values, which include respect for human dignity, freedom, equality and respect for human rights and the rights of people belonging to minorities, we can notice the expansion of radicalisation and extreme views taking place in different parts of Europe and more and more people being targeted by racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance just because of their race, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

1. According to the research conducted by the Pew Research Centre in 2017, 9 of 10 Italians don’t like Roma and hold Anti-Roma views;

2. Poland occupies second place among monitored countries in its level of anti-Semitism. According to public opinion poll conducted by Polish Public Opinion Research Centre (CBOS) in October 2017, 33 per cent of Poles expressed negative attitude towards Jews;

3. Most Europeans also share the view that number of immigrants in their countries should remain at the same level (an average of 43 per cent) or decrease (38 per cent). Most of supporters of reduction in umber of immigrants live in Italy (52 per cent);

4. As as result of 2015-2017 migration crisis, populist radical right forces, and first of all, parliamentary radical parties, were able to significantly strengthen their positions in some countries, including Germany, Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary; to achieve their stated political goals in Britain; and to come to power in Italy, Austria, and Poland.

Especially young people are exposed to these trends, on the one hand because they are in the proces of shaping their personalities and opinions and thus more susceptible to be involved in such radical and xenophobic activities,and on the other hand as they have easier access to the Internet and social media where they can find radical and xenophobic profiles of individuals or parties,as well as movies and articles exhorted to hate,discriminate or even harm the others. It is very common that radical or extremist movements reach young people through Internet or media that is why they are particularly at risk.

To apply for this opportunity please send your CV and motivation letter to: , and, please write in the title: “Youth Exchange in Katowice, Poland”.

Location: Katowice, Poland
Deadline: OPEN
Duration: 6 days
Mobility period: 5 – 10 September 2022 (arrival day: 4 September – departure day: 11 September)

Major aims of project:

  • Build awareness among young people, participants of the project, about current human rights situation and socio-political tendencies in European countries.
  • Sensitize participants about needs, challenges and daily life of the most vulnerable groups: migrants and refugees, people seeking asylum, and show, promote and introduce richness of multicultural, open and democratic society.
  • Decrease radical and xenophobic perspectives and extremism movements among young people so that they will become more tolerant, sensitive, open for different cultures, habits, nationalities.
  • Sensibilise local communities in Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, Georgia about alarming phenomenons: extremism, xenophobia, radicalisation through activities and events organised by participants (participants will take a role of “ambassadors” promoting tolerant,sensitive,diverse Europe).

Specific aims of project:

  • Increase civic, social, interpersonal, language skills of participants.
  • Teach participants how to prepare scenario and plan for workshops and events promoting openness, anti-discrimination, diversity.
  • Create short movie in English showing perspective of participants on extremism and xenophobia.


The task of the groups leaders will be to buy bus/train/airline tickets to Katowice. Money will be transferred to partner organisations by Bona Fides and it will be responsibility of partners to keep original tickets, invoices, bills.

All participants will be accommodated in Katowice, in the hostel located near the workshop place and In the vicinity of our office. Participants roommates will be of the same sex, but from other countries in order to facilitate participants integration. Bona Fides will also take care of providing food. We will make sure that any special diet requirements of participants will be met. When it comes to the venue, most of the activities will be conducted in local NGO center very close to the accommodation place.

Accommodation, food, facilities for activities will be payed by Bona Fides. The costs of arrival and departure tickets will be reimbursed by Bona Fides.

Volunteers will be insure in CIGNA insurance.