Do you have an idea on how to save the world? It’s time to learn how to make it happen!

We have no doubt that each of you has felt that you have the best idea the world has never seen: a unique business plan, an unheard-of startup that could change the world. But why do all of our ideas just stay in our heads or die before seeing the daylight? Why do so many interesting projects and ideas disappear within just a four-year period? In a world full of productivity, we all seem to know where we want to go, but we don’t know how to get there. Various social and environmental initiatives, non-governmental projects that easily succumb to strict criticism or lack of support, are particularly struggling with this problem.

If you feel that you have an original idea in your mind, it’s time to take action and one of the best methods to do so is the Dragon Dreaming method. More about this unique method is explained by the “Unique Projects” association, which organized the international Erasmus+ youth worker mobility training project “Dragon Dreaming – Make Your Dreams Come True” which was held January 19-24, 2023 in Kaunas and brought together youth workers from 7 different countries.

Dragon Dreaming method – what is it?

This method was created by Australian John Croft around 1990, based on the ancient wisdom of Papua New Guinea’s aboriginals, and developed as a methodology for implementing projects by the Gaia Foundation. The uniqueness of this method is that Dragon Dreaming goes far beyond traditional project management. This methodology consists of a design philosophy that encompasses every aspect of life, based on participatory democracy, ecological sustainability, and social justice. It is a holistic and highly structured method for implementing creative, collaborative, and sustainable projects, based on principles of personal and group empowerment, mutual benefit, agreement and commitment.

How to learn this method?

For the implementation of this international project we gathered a competent team of our organization members and trainers. One of whom, Emanuele Achino, came even from Italy. He shared his knowledge about the Dragon Dreaming methodology, using it in practice in social work with youth, and his previous practical experiences and informal education activities. The second trainer who contributed to the successful implementation of the project was Liveta Kazlauskaitė, who has not only participated but also facilitated Erasmus+ projects. Liveta has been involved in public activities for 5 years, during which, she has become the representative of two youth organizations, a training leader, and a local event volunteer. Competent trainers helped project participants to learn and internalize the method faster and to test its capabilities in real life. The good news is that it is possible to learn it independently as well.

Erasmus+ Youth Workers Mobility projects

Erasmus+ programme projects are based on principles of lifelong learning and non-formal education, so they are designed to be interesting and useful for participants of all ages. The Youth Worker Mobility project started with ice-breaking and getting-to-know games, through which all participants made friends, established international connections, and got to know new cultures. In this way, participants not only learnt but also had a good time, gained motivation, and invaluable experience. Without the theoretical part, where project participants were introduced to the history, principles, and steps of the method, they also learnt collective leadership skills. Without a doubt, all participants have learnt to dream and creatively approach the process of idea creation, development and planning. Later, when participants developed the best and strongest idea in the teams, they together took actions to implement it, using the principles of the learned methodology. All participants stated that they have gained invaluable experience from the project, which they couldn’t wait to apply in their work.

For those who feel that they have a dream, we will share a few key principles of this interesting methodology, from which you could start moving forward independently.

What are the key principles of this method?

The biggest uniqueness of Dragon Dreaming method is that it aims to operate on the win-win-win principle, rather than the more common win-lose principle in society, where one side gain is the other side loss. If you have an idea and want to develop your project successfully, you should check if you ensure the three main principles of the Dragon Dreaming methodology:

· Personal growth. The goal of each person is to expand their own possibilities, leave their comfort zone or self-imposed limits, and increase the potential of the whole team.

· Strengthening the community. The community is more important than a team or group of people, as it shapes the quality of our communication and positive emotions, so community strengthening should always be included in the overall plan.

· Dedication to the earth. Since humanity is at a consumption point where we take more than we are capable to give to earth, we should not forget that our project should also care about our return to the earth. These three principles ensure comprehensive environmental inclusion, which is the main driver of further project development.

What do you need for your dream to become a reality?

The Dragon Dreaming methodology consists of 4 main stages:

  1. Planning. This involves preparing a plan for your vision, discussing strategies, activities, and responsibilities, ensuring a path to improvement.
  2. Dreaming. This is the sudden birth of a dream, inspiration, insight, or idea, supported not by rational, moderate planning, but by creativity and innovation.
  3. Action. Implementation of the goals set during planning. In this stage, administration and management are always in focus: we constantly monitor progress and make adjustments to the plan if necessary.
  4. Feedback. This is a community of people who support each other in pursuing their dreams, discussing experiences, and celebrating achieved results.

These are just some of the main guidelines that anyone, who has an idea in mind, could use as a start if they want to learn more about powerful Dragon Dreaming methodology, which helps to successfully implement social projects.