Bona Fides Association and “Uniting Bridge” social non-governmental organization are looking for 2 volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Aragatsotn region in Armenia supporting rural development, environmental education, presentation and promotion of cultural heritage, experimental education and youth work.

To apply please fill this application form: and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: and

  • Location: Aragatsotn region, Armenia
  • Deadline: As soon as possible
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Mobility periods: September 2023 – November 2023


The Polish volunteers will develop the following activities:

  • – Rural development.
  • – Environmental education.
  • – Presentation and promotion of rural culture heritage.
  • – Experimental education, Youth work.
  • – Bioconstruction and sustainable lifestyle.
  • – Social entrepreneurship in rural area and development of rural tourism.
  • – Intercultural dialogue and active citizenship in rural area.
  • Our projects with participation of ESC volunteers are built on the principles of non-formal education and informal learning. It means participants benefit from self – directed learning process, sharing with peers and acquiring first hand practical experience.
  • Rural work in “Green Camp”, where the volunteers will do workshops for the local youth from deprived communities, English language classes, discussions on different topics, exchange of experience and knowledge in non-formal ways to strengthen the intercultural communication, to get them acquainted with European values and raise awareness about ESC and youth projects and the ways for becoming a volunteer. Leisure time activities for children as handcraft, games, drawing, dances, movie/cartoon watching.

  • – Volunteers will get acquainted with local rural life, the mentality, the habits and customs, they will learn how to make Armenian rural meals, how to work in the fields, how to treat domestic animals, how to host local and international guests in rural places and villages, take part in different seminars and trainings that will be held in Green Camp.
  • Office: Help the team with administrative tasks; make contacts with European partners to establish partnerships; do posters for activities, edit the social networks, create flyers for promotion, take photos of the activities, make promotional videos, etc.
  • Logistic Support: in Summer Camps, New Year’s Eve, sports tournaments, cultural activities, intercultural evenings, picnics, festivals, training courses, youth exchanges, workcamps, and other events. It includes moving furniture, shopping, organization and transport of materials and people, cleaning, decoration, building stages, cooking, etc.
  • – Planning process and implementing of European Clubs for Armenian Youth creating the plan of activities and promotion plan of EC. It aims to increase youth awareness through NE methods.
  • – Organization of exhibitions, presentations and conversations with Armenian young people or future ESC volunteers to motivate young people to be more active or apply for mobility projects,Inform young people about the ESC experience as a volunteer in Armenia and also provide information about some aspects of the volunteer’ country (ex: culture, language, cultural places, etc.).
  • – Leisure time activities for the young people, mainly on the period after school, dinner time and evenings: parties, games, jogging and special events/intercultural activities;
  • Volunteers should expect flexible working schedule up to 35 hours of engagement per week, holidays and negotiated days – off, supervision in working tasks and basic training (+ ESC training cycle); various formats of engagement: on-site, remote, individual and group work.


Travel costs will be reimbursed following the rules of European Solidarity Corps projects.

Hosting organization will be responsible to provide a flat shared with other volunteers hosted in the organization, fully equipped (equipped kitchen, toilet and bathroom, WI-FI, furniture with cleaning, cooking, and washing facilities. The volunteer will have his/her own room) and located in a good position in the town. The costs of the venue to the office and other working places will be totally covered. The volunteer will have his own working place at office, where he/she will be able to use tools and materials for his/her project and personal activities.

The volunteer will receive money for pocket money and money for food every month, by cash or possibly by bank transfer. Tickets for local transport will be also provided to all working venues of the region.

Volunteers will be insured in CIGNA insurance.

Check information about the project on European Solidarity Corps portal: