Bona Fides Association and Xeracion Valencia are looking for one Polish volunteer for an ESC project at Llar Juvenil Bellreguard in Spain – a youth center working as a public service  where different activities and projects related to youth education and leisure are carried out.

Place: Gandia, Spain
Starting: ASAP
Duration: 12 months

Summary of the project

We believe that youth are a very important group in society beyond demographics, and that is why emphasis must be placed on those social and cultural characteristics that defined them as a group. The degree of civilization of a society is measured, among other factors, by the attention and protection that it provides to its children, adolescents and youth. Therefore we are convinced of the importance of intervention in children and youth. Youth policies are framed by a commandment of the Constitution, second which, in article 48 says “the public powers shall promote the conditions for the free and effective participation of youth in political, economic and cultural development”.

At the beginning of 2004 a group of technicians and youth workers decided to create synergies and join forces to reach the youth audience of its populations with attractive projects; It is then that they create what they call “Calaix Jove de la Safor”.

This project is sponsored by the “Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Safor” a few years later as a specific action, that is, a service linked to the towns that request it. La Llar Juvenil de Bellreguard through the Bellreguard City Council, has been collaborating with it since then in carrying out activities organized for and by young people.


There will be a very wide range of possible activities available for the volunteers, they will be able to help and give support in tasks such as:

  • – Regional support in the youth spaces of the Safor region with technicians especially giving ideas and helping develop youth activities programming for Bellreguard.
  • – Support in the communication area of the Youth Service: web and social networks. Writing posts, reels, videos, photographs and anything else they consider “fashionable” at all times, since they are young people and the public to whom it is addressed are also people of approximately his age.
  • – Preparation of graphic and audio-visual material of interest to youth (videos, photography, posters, time-lapses, blogs).
  • – Training in the “Terra Liders” program to actively participate in Earth Leaders ecological volunteering.
  • – Support in the English conversation group of the Su-FORMA.
  • – Support in the youth participation projects “Creando Futuro” and the “Corresponsals Juvenils de la Safor” Network.
  • – Reinforcement of the activities carried out in the educational leisure region through the “Barrejat d’Oci” programs and “Nits Bordes” which are leisure alternatives at night to avoid drug and alcohol abuse.
  • – Support in the activities around the creation of a participatory diagnosis of the Youth of La Safor through Interviews with young people and Young Forum.
  • – Dissemination of the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ Youth volunteer program in the centers of Bellreguard secondary school and surroundings.
  • – Support in the drafting and execution of European programs such as youth exchanges of the Erasmus+ program Youth, as well as empowering local youth to create their own projects.
  • – Proposals for awareness campaigns related to any topic that they consider to be of interest to the youth of the region.
  • – 10% -20% of the total time of your volunteering, in social groups in the region, such as Ca Saforaui, Red Cross or any other social center or association of their choice.

Practical details (participants, food, accommodation)

This project has been designed for 3 volunteers from EU and partner countries.

The accommodation is in private rooms in a 4 or 6 bedroom shared apartment situated in Gandia (a town nearby Bellreguard) and all the expenses will be covered (electricity, internet, water, gas).

Each volunteer will receive a Spanish SIM card for their telephone and a bicycle to move around locally.
In addition, as Valencian Community is a highly fertile and agriculturally active region from Spain, volunteers will have the option of getting a fertile small holding for themselves to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs. We will give them all the support needed to start, but they will have to compromise to take care of it.

Once a month (starting by arrival date) each volunteer will receive his/her pocket money and food money for a total of 300€ (150€ as pocket money and 150€ for food). They will buy their own food and cook for themselves.


As already mentioned, this project is located in a small village called “Bellreguard”. However, volunteers will be living in Gandia town and every day they will have to go by bicycle to Bellreguard and back. This is a distance of approx. 4,5 kilometers and around 15 minutes ride. Here you can check the route: Please take this into consideration before applying!

Application/contact information

We are looking for a last volunteer with a very positive attitude and initiative, adaptable to change, with problem-solving capacity and able to work both independently and as a team member. The ideal candidates should have some experience, studies or a major interest in:

  • – Social Education and integration, youth work, education studies or related.
  • – Audio-visuals, Web management, Social media or any related topics.

Based on previous experiences at least an intermediate level of Spanish language (B1/B2) is required for this project.

If you want to join us, please send your CV to and and fill in the application for the hosting organisation HERE!

Muchas gracias!

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