Bona Fides and AEDEQ, Asociación Española De Equinoterapias are looking for motivated candidates for a new long-term ESC project on a pedagogic farm based on equine assisted interventions!

Mobility: 15.01.2024 – 14.01.2025
Duration: 12 months
Place: Serrateix, Spain

Activity topics

– Environment and natural protection
– Health and wellbeing
– Physical education and sport

Activity description

AEDEQ mission is to research and diffuse best practices in the field of equine/animal assisted activities, to protect, take care and train animals without violence, and to enjoy the love and care relationship with them. To get integrated into the local community traditions and activities, cooperating with the local social services, and to offer to the disabled some services, both in our farm and participating in local communities events.

With the volunteers, WE WILL BUILD A NEW RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM, so working on AEDEQ’s social media and Internet activities. Volunteers will learn to handle a horses’ herd, living in freedom, with no violence; to train and employ them as partners in giving services to the disabled; to communicate with the animals; and to enjoy this communication. Also, to produce edible vegetables, and to operate on the Internet. We need volunteers seriously committed to physical work with horses, nature, and people with disability or fewer opportunities.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodations: Flat in a nearby village, 1 double + 2 single rooms, fully equipped. We are looking for more (closer) accommodations. Farm in the forest with horses at 20/25 minutes driving from the closest village: 1 double + 1 single room. Fully equipped, but with the need of saving resources (energy, water, etc.). Either in the flat or in the farm, rooms might be shared for short periods.
Food shopping weekly with the coordinator, who will pay, or food allowance.
Cooking by turns.
AEDEQ will take care of the transportation from flat to farm, by car.

Training during the activity

– long-term training in horse handling and farming
– orchard, gardening, agriculture and environmental protection
– first aid training
– Boccia assistant training
– on-arrival training (with NA)
– mid-term training/evaluation (with NA)

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Participant profile

We look for enthusiastic volunteers strongly interested in the topic of Equine Assisted Education and Therapy, willing to commit to AEDEQ cause/mission.

Age: 18-30 years old
Spanish A2 and learning quickly is mandatory, since volunteers are expected to be able to talk with users (in Spanish) as soon as possible.
English B2/C1 is also mandatory.
Experience or great interest in farming/agriculture/big animals is mandatory.
Experience in social media management, and/or international projects and NGOs administration are a plus.
We will neither accept nor reply to candidates who don’t satisfy these requirements.


If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV and a motivation letter in English (with a title: “Serrateix, Spain”) to and