Bona Fides and Association Volunteering for All are looking for volunteers for ESC project in Resita, Romania in the field of non-formal education.

Start: January 2024 (flexible)
Duration: 6-12 months
Place: Resita, Romania


Association Volunteering for All was officially registered in 2012 by youth workers, teachers, social workers, Roma activist and volunteers that together has the primary aim is to improve the economic, educational and social situation of the citizens for this your first activity was an informational campaign in all the high schools and the university of Resita regarding the importance of the voluntary work. During this activity join together more volunteer and open an informational and research centre regarding volunteering stages national and international that is available also online. At this moment with this centre we send few volunteers in events at
national and international level in special Youth in Action events, but we also want that this centre to send volunteers in EVS projects and also to received volunteers that can help as to develop together more activities useful for the community.


The youth activities are vast and offer a possibility for our youth to further develop and learn new things:

– Volunteering activities in Romania and abroad,
– Seminars, trainings, national and international campaigns, youth exchanges educational purpose.

Our Activities reached also elements of formal education through strategic development to stop school dropouts of Roma youth.


– aged between 18 and 30
– flexible, open-minded, tolerant, communicative
– with experience as local volunteer
– interested in gaining experience in pedagogy, special education, non-formal education and in working with young people
– willing to work in teams or individually with initiative and creativity
– willing to help young people, especially in disadvantaged communities
– ready to fight against exclusion, prejudices and stereotypes
– at least having beginner level of English


Volunteering within our project will consist of:

– daily non-formal educational, child-centered activities for the children and young people from orphanages, primary schools, after schools, and kindergartens of disadvantaged areas in Resita (Calnic), Bocsa, Dognecea, Ocna de Fier;

– activities in our youth center aimed to involve the local young people into social activities, to facilitate the interaction between the young people in the placement centers and locals;

– cultural and volunteering activities which promote tolerance, inclusion, voluntary work, and solidarity;

– during summer, the volunteers are going to facilitate summer camps for children (on different topics) and local activities.

The activities are designed to develop the children’s skills, competences, creativity, as well as to increase involvement, participation, tolerance and acceptance.


Financial support:

(3 euro/day)

(5 euro/day)

And more:

– Mentorship process
– Language course
– Trainings
– Health Insurance (Henner)
– YouthPass Certificate

Travel: The volunteers can use a certain budget for traveling to Romania at the beginning of their activities and for going home at the end.

Local transport in the city is be provided by the hosting NGO in collaboration with the Municipality of Resita:
the volunteers receive a public transport season ticket.

Travel Budget (return): The budget is diverse according to the country of origin 180 € / 275 € / 360 € based on the European Commission’s distance band.

Accommodation: We provide accommodation in a full- equipped and furnished apartment – there are all the necessary conditions for a good life. Rent and utilities (water, gas, electricity) will be paid by the hosting NGO. The volunteers will be accommodated in double bedrooms. The flat has its own bathroom and kitchen as well.


Resita is a mountain town of about 73.000 people located in the south western part of Romania. 3 centuries ago, the first furnace was opened in the city, from then on Resita becoming a major industrial center all the way until today. Resita lays in the middle of Banat Mountains, so to live in Resita means having greenery and mountains in your sight at any time, while still enjoying the perks of urban life. The reality in Resita is that when it comes to youth work and volunteering at the local level, we could do better. Motivation in youngsters is rather low, as volunteering is not considered a very pragmatic (or financially rewarding) occupation. That’s why trough these months we have high hopes that we can actually bring some change in the lives of the people in the community as well as the youngsters who drop off from school, people with disabilities and so on, motivate those who are willing to see change at local level, cooperate with the local youngsters and showing them our work.


If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV and a motivation letter in English (with a title: “ESC in Resita, Romania”) to and