Bona Fides Association and Centre for Community Mobilization and Support NGO are looking for a participant (citizen or resident of Poland, aged 18-30) for a long-term ESC project in Alaverdi, Armenia!

Place: Alaverdi, Lori region, Armenia
Start: ASAP
Duration: 6-7 months

The aims of the project

The aims of the project are going alongside with some objectives of European Solidarity Corps and ERASMUS+ (namely: improve the level of key competences of youth in particular with fewer opportunities, and improve youth work with international cooperation):

• promotion of non-formal education and volunteering as responsive tools for tolerance and solidarity in active citizenship, participation and social inclusion starting from young generations;

• actively fostering the values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, and mutual understanding between ESC participants and disadvantaged Armenian youth from excluded areas in Alaverdi while raising their respect for human dignity and human rights along with their intercultural sensitivity;

• empowering ESC participants’ soft skills, approaching non-formal education techniques and learn and practice through an experiential and creative approach;

• to acquire new skills and abilities that volunteers will use in the future: managing finances/budget and spending money on food, money for their projects and activities. Be able to organize their events, and show tolerance. Compare the life and problems of Armenian youth with life in their country. Encourage volunteers to present Armenians about their country, culture, and traditions;

• raising the European awareness of young people from excluded areas in Armenia;

• developing cooperation between sending and receiving organizations involved in the project while binding a new cooperation and leaving room for other projects in the future within ESC and other activities of ERASMUS+ program;

• organization’s and project PR. Work on organization’s PR in English part. Putting posts in English about volunteering, project, living in Armenia. The aim will be to reach people who don’t know Armenian, to make our activities achievable to them;

• enhancing solidarity while building a community of shared responsibilities and mutual support through activities of European Club. The activities of the EC will contribute to raising the sense of pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and being a part of international community;

• informal education will help young people to integrate into organization activities, gain independence, responsibility, and courage to present their creativity, learn about Armenian culture traditions, and the Armenian language, and find new friends.


• A set of prep trainings: ESC Coordinator, mentor and CCMS’s staff will provide the volunteer trainings about Armenian culture, traditions, current community issues, organization activities and main directions (environmental protection, human rights protection, community activism and development, civil journalism, non-formal education)
• Weekly activities with local youth: games, workshops, handicrafts, theatre, dance, sports, music, etc.
• Activities and workshops with local youth in Pokr Ayrum village, in “Green Camp” eco-rural and civil-society tourism center
• English /French language lessons with local children and youth Armenian language lessons for volunteer
• Activities promoting Solidarity
• Events on specific topics, holidays
• Meetings and collaborations with other volunteers in Armenia
• Preparation and dissemination of photo/video materials throughout the social pages of the organization (about the volunteering project, other projects of CCMS, life in Armenia)
• In your leisure time, you will have an opportunity to explore Armenia.
• In your free time, you will have an opportunity to travel to Georgia.

Accommodation and working place

CCMS will be responsible to provide a flat shared with other volunteers hosted in the Association, fully equipped (equipped kitchen, toilet and bathroom, WI-FI, furniture with cleaning, cooking, and washing facilities. The volunteer will have his/her own room) in a good location in Alaverdi town. The costs of the venue to the office and other working places will be totally covered. The volunteer will have his own working place at CCMS’ office, where he/she will be able to use tools and materials for his/her project and personal activities.

Travel and financial aspect

The volunteer will receive money for pocket money and money for food every month, by cash or possibly by bank transfer. Tickets for local transport will be also provided to all working venues of the region.

Volunteers will be insured in the HENNER insurance Program.

Travel costs will be reimbursed following the rules of European Solidarity Corps projects.

Hosting organisation

Volunteering Community:
Green Camp FB:

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To apply please forward your CV and a motivation letter (in English) to: and with a title: ‘ESC in Alaverdi, Armenia.’