Bona Fides Association and Vagamondo are looking for Polish participants in two 1-month projects VOLUNTEERING SUMMER FEST (5th and 6th edition) in Italy!

Place: BERGOLO, Alta Langa, Piedmont, Italy
5th edition: 7th June – 5th July 2024
6th edition: 1st August – 27th August 2024
Duration: 1 month

“Volunteering Summer Fest” brings together 16 young people from 18 to 30 years old for 1 month of volunteering in the rural context of Alta Langa, Piedmont, Italy. The program is co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps and includes 27 days of volunteering programme (+ 2 travel days).


Vagamondo is an NGO focused on European mobility, non-formal education and rural development based in Italy. It provides learning and growing opportunities to young people and youth workers.

The name Vagamondo comes from the concept of travel as a powerful tool of self-discovery and personal development: it is through direct contact with cultural and personal differences that identity becomes more visible to every individual; it is coming out of the comfort zone, getting involved in new activities, different than the usual ones, that people can identify room to grow and work on themselves.

Our vision is to contribute to the development of society, to promote, disseminate and apply through education the values of equality, freedom and care for the environment.

Vagamondo is active in the European Solidarity Corps as supporting and hosting organization since 2017.


  • • Your age is from 18 to 30
  • • You are legally resident EU countries
  • • You are facing challenging situations in your life as described here
  • • Interested in getting to know and cooperate with other young volunteers from different countries
  • • You want to live for 1 month in a rural environment in Italy, discover the local area and get to know its inhabitants
  • • You want to improve your practical and manual skills, your group work competencies and your sense of initiative




The plan is to make small groups that rotate on different tasks so you can learn different things and don’t get bored doing the same for 1 month.

Renovation works like scratching old paint from walls and repainting them, creating furniture out of recycled wood, building flower beds and more.

Taking care of green areas: Weeding pedestrian roads and other activities in green areas. Helping in the garden.

Cooking: Cooking for yourself and for the other summer volunteers. Volunteering Summer Fest is a self-managed community!

*Important: the programme is flexible and it may be that some of the tasks will be replaced, be ready to experience yourself in different fields.


During 7 days volunteers will be asked to disconnect from their technological devices and engage in various activities to discover themselves and their relationships with others. This immersive experience, guided by supervisors, aims to foster genuine human connections.

Instead of being online, we will engage in various live interactions to stimulate creativity, empathy, and teamwork. It’s a regular practice we implement during our projects and we will ensure a safe space for participants to be secure that disconnection will lead to positive results

​The goal of this phase is to encourage a complete disengagement from the digital world and allow volunteers to fully immerse themselves in the present moment, and connect with yourself being surrounded by a peaceful nature environment.


  • • Acquire technical and manual skills in group cooking, maintenance work, and handcraft
  • • Take a break from your routine, discover new passions and talents
  • • Have time to slow down in a peaceful rural environment and recharge
  • • Improve your group work skills in international contexts useful for your personal development, profession and study
  • • Develop problem-solving and more positive and proactive attitudes
  • • The Youthpass certificate to enrich your CV
  • • New international friends for life
  • • Live an unforgettable summer!


Pocket Money: You will receive 6€/day for your living money. That is not a payment for the support given, but a flat rate refund for small expenses.

Travel reimbursement: There is a budget to reimburse the travel of the volunteers depending on the distance of their place of residence, calculated with the Distance Calculator.

Food & accommodation: Volunteers will be provided with a place for cooking and will receive a weekly
budget for the group in order to cook all together. They will live together in a hostel.

Volunteering Schedule: The usual workload is 35 volunteering hours/week, 5 days per week.

Insurance: Besides the European Health insurance card, you are going to be offered private insurance.

Local transports: Volunteers will receive bicycles that they can use in the free time. Once a week they will have the chance to go to the supermarket by car.


BERGOLO is a Village of 57 inhabitants, located on the hills of southern Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo. It is a quiet destination for nature lovers and ideal for outdoor activities. The village has no shops, only two restaurants and a bar.

Bergolo has a long tradition of music, cultural festivals and art in general. Since 2018 it has regularly hosted youth exchanges and training courses organised by various associations and public entities. Check the place here.



To apply FILL IN APPLICATION FORM or contact us for any further information at: and