Bona Fides Association is looking for Polish participants for The Worker Youth Exchange “Storytelling – discovering the inner superhero” in Italy with Associazione InCo – Interculturalità & Comunicazione in June!

Place: Trento, Italy
Dates: 5 – 11 June 2024 (the 5th and the 11th being travel days).
Duration: 1 week

What is a youth worker exchange?

Youth worker exchanges are part of the European Erasmus+ programme which offers opportunities to organise projects for the mobility of young people and youth workers. For youth workers, organisations can take part in opportunities to support the professional development, capacity building, network of youth workers and thereby the development of quality youth work at local, regional, national, European and international level, through non-formal and informal learning experiences in mobility. More specifically, mobility projects for youth workers aim to:

  • • Provide non-formal and informal learning opportunities for educational and professional development of youth workers;
  • • Build a community of youth workers that can support the quality of projects and activities for young people in EU programmes and beyond;
  • • Develop local youth work practices and contribute to capacity building for quality youth work of the participants and their organisation, having a clear impact on the participating youth workers’ regular work with young people.

What is the project “Storytelling – discovering the inner superhero” about?

The project aims to be an opportunity for youth workers from different parts of Europe to meet and compare methods and tools of innovative storytelling.

An important aspect of youth work is supporting and empowering young people into understanding their value, as well as their values, and support them into discovering their inner superhero. We want to discover new ideas together to guide young people build their own identity, boost their self-confidence and empower them in creating healthy social relationships. The project aims to be an opportunity for youth workers from different parts of Europe to meet and compare methods and tools of innovative storytelling. The objective of this Youth worker exchange project is therefore to offer youth workers from all over Europe the opportunity to share best practices on creative storytelling as well as doing workshops on human library, active listening and positive communication.

Total number of places: 24 youth workers.

Below you can find the plan of the whole project:

This day is all about arrivals, discovering the space and surroundings of our youth worker exchange location and getting a good rest after a long day of travelling.

The next day is dedicated to getting to know each other, exploring the area, understand more about innovative storytelling.

These three days are fully dedicated to the exchange of best practices as a hands on experience, as well as to workshops on Human Library, Active listening and positive communication. It is the heart of our youth worker exchange where each participant will share one educational storytelling methodology in a 360° structure (preparation, implementation, evaluation). This will facilitate learning and gaining new skills as well as tools for working with young people.

The last day is dedicated to evaluating the activities of the youth worker exchange and offer space to networking in order to create new collaborations.

This day is all about departures and see you soon goodbyes.

Who can participate?

The project targets youth workers from all over Europe who work closely with young people, such as youth center workers etc.

It is mandatory to have at least 1 year of experience as youth worker in order to be able to share good practices and methodologies with other participants

A total of 24 youth workers can take part in this exchange: It is mandatory to have a sending organisation with a valid OID. Each organisation could send up to 2 participants.

Practical arrangements

Board and lodging are provided by our organization during the whole youth worker exchange.

The house is located in Candriai, a mountain area nearby Trento. The house is a self-management house with a nice equipped kitchen, a common room and shared bedrooms for 2-3 people. The area is suitable for both outdoor sessions as well as activities in the city.

The breakfasts and dinners are self-managed, while the lunches will be provided through a catering service, taking into consideration the personal intolerances and food preferences of the participants.

You can view the house at this link.

International travel

Actual travel expenses from the country of residence to the place of exchange will be reimbursed up to the amount indicated below. The refund will be made after receiving the complete travel documents (original tickets and boarding passes). The maximum amount of travel costs will be calculated according to your residence in your country up to the place where the exchange takes place.

Eligible transportation

Participants must travel by public trasportation (plane, train, buses) in the dates specified (5th and 11th) in order to get the reimbursement. In the infopack you will find the exact amounts for travel reimbursements.

What to bring

  • • Comfortable clothing
  • • Outdoor shoes
  • • Slippers to be used inside the accommodation
  • • Headlamp
  • • Sheets
  • • Towels
  • • Toiletries
  • • Something nice :-) to share at the intercultural dinner
  • • Your energy and willing to share experience :-)
  • • Flexibility to share time to cook together breakfast and dinners; keeping the house clean and tidy

Take into consideration that the youth worker exchange will be implemented in a mountain area and some activities will be done outside.


To apply you have to fill in this Application Form 
If you would like to have any other further information regarding the youth worker exchange please contact us at: and