Bona Fides Association is looking for Polish volunteers (18-30 years old) to join an amazing ESC project with Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad in Granada, Spain and support activities in the hosting community involving art, gardening and workshops!

Place: Granada, Spain
Starting date: Flexible starting date from July to September 2024
Duration: 10 months or 12 months


The Solidarity School Foundation (Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad/FES) is a non-profit organisation that started its activity in 1995 and was established as a social entity in 1997. Since then, it has focussed on working with collectives that social disadvantage, mistreatment or exclusion. FES is a host community created 30 years ago. First in La Zubia and for the last 20 years it has been developing its main activity in Sierra Elvira, a district of Atarfe (Granada). The development of the community is intimately linked to the solidarity of people who have passed through the organisation, contributing their knowledge and experience to the community.

FES takes in people who, for various reasons, are at a social disadvantage. This disadvantage means that their basic rights and freedoms are violated, which makes it difficult for them to participate actively in society, triggering a process of exclusion. The people who live in FES are mostly young people between 18 and 30 years old, within this group we find:
• Migrants recently released from juvenile centres, mostly from Morocco
• Women heads of families with their children (between 0 and 12 years old). Most of them are gypsies, migrants or refugees from Morocco
• Refugees of Moroccan, sub-Saharan and Latin American origin. In some cases they have been victims of mistreatment
• Political refugees of sub-Saharan or Latin American origin (mainly Venezuela and Colombia)

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• 10-12 months (with flexibility to take some holidays)
• In a house for volunteers inside the community.
• The program covers the travel to Granada, accommodation and meals
• Language: English, Spanish
• The organization provides tutoring, guidance, the creation of personalized itineraries, training in environmental issues, social intervention, art, and culture


• Availability for 10 or 12 months (with flexibility to take some holidays)
• 18-30 years old
• Polish citizen or resident


• Community development: the person will be involved in community activities related to occupational workshops and produce some items (garden, carpentry, sewing, etc.)
• Casa Kuna: second hand store, and communitary space in the center of the city, dedicated to up-cycling workshops, intercultural mediation in the neighbourhood
• Cultural/artistic activities: development a cultural space, program inside the community, festival, stilts company
• Communication and marketing, and fundraising, crowdfunding, design, web design


• Supporting community members in various workshops
• Assisting in the design and implementation of education programs focusing on values, nature, and sports
• Creating and implementing creative and educational activities for community members, especially children, such as painting workshops, crafts, and recycling initiatives
• Accompanying residents in participating in occupational workshops
• Coordinating occupational workshops
• Monitoring user progress
• Assessing potential user participation in different projects
• Providing emotional support to users
• Developing psycho-educational projects
• Participating in community meetings
• Promoting participation in community spaces
• Fostering social integration
• Attending volunteer meetings
• Participating in training sessions
• Participate in communitary meals
• Participate in communitary meetings every morning

Actively carry out the actions for 35 hours/week


Granada is a city in the region of Andalusia in southern Spain, on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is famous for its great examples of medieval architecture dating from the Moorish occupation, in particular the Alhambra. Spanish is spoken. Population: 228 682 inhabitants (2022). There is plenty of sunshine and little rain! The temperature can be between 3 – 25 degrees Celsius (on the same day!).


The house 7 in which participants will live in is entirely dedicated to them. The house is provided with heating, WI-FI, hot water and any other facilities; this house can host up to 32 persons (in each room will live from 2 to 4 people) and it has 5 bathrooms with their own shower. We will provide every meals (it is to say breakfast, lunch and dinner), which will be served in our common canteen. Breakfast: 8.30. Lunch: 14.30. The program also cover a pocket money: 6 euros per day

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If you are interested in joining this project please send your CV and a motivation letter (in English) to: and with a title “ESC in Granada, Spain“.