Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Co-operation Alternative-V poszukują wolontariuszy na projekt EVS na Ukrainie, w Kijowie. Zgłoszenia (CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 10 września 2015

RECEIVING ORGANISATION: All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Co-operation Alternative-V, Ukraine
VOLUNTARY SERVICE DATES: 02 February 2016 – 01 February 2017 (12 months)
Pocket Money: 80 Euro/month in national currency

Service in the frame of EVS project we plan to organize in Ukraine, Kyiv which is going to last 12 months.

The tasks of the volunteers will be the following:
– Leading the pupils’ clubs in schools of Kyiv (around 3-6 schools). We expect that volunteers will promote European values among pupils. In some schools volunteers will assist teachers and lead some lessons.
– Organizing (with the help of Alternative-V) speaking clubs for local youth. The main aim of this activities not only language practice but also cultural exchange. We expect that volunteers will choose simple topics like family, traditions, holidays, what mean love or respect in their country etc and discuss this with audience. This will help to overcome stereotypes and prejudices in our society, integrate Ukrainian youth into the European community.
– Volunteers will take part in preparation and running of trainings in the frame of Operation Respect Program in Ukraine (the Program, aimed at creation of safe environment in schools without bullying and discrimination). Alternative-V coordinates this program in Ukraine, prepares trainers and run trainings for this program in Ukraine since December 2010.
– Volunteers will be involved in the content management of special pages in social networks. Main themes of these pages are: European Union, European values, European citizenship, intercultural communication, avoiding of prejudices etc.
– Organizing (with the help of Alternative-V) competition of photo and video works among Ukrainian youth “We are of the same blood you and I”. One of the aim of this competition is to show that regardless where people live, which color of skin they have, which language they speak – they have similar fears, feelings, dreams and hopes.
– Volunteers can organize quest (amateur sport and intellectual race, based on a sequential execution of tasks by teams or individual players), which are very popular in Kyiv.
– If the volunteer is interested or have skills, he/she can take part in the fundraising activities and looking for the promoters, sponsors.
– Possibility of Co-leading one or more international youth volunteer workcamps or bilateral projects on the territory of Ukraine during summer.
– The volunteers can take part in the preparation of the week of volunteering at Alternative-V. This is an event which has an aim to promote volunteering through all Kyiv and Kyiv region, involving famous people to prepare various activities in social and ecological volunteering.

It is important to mention that work of EVS volunteer will be not office based. To prepare for workshops or any other materials for the activities volunteers can use office of Alternative-V up to twice a week. Also office can be used as a meeting place for working groups, clubs.

Volunteers will be accommodated in a rented room or in a host family. In case volunteer lives in a host-family food can be provided either by host-family or volunteer can cook themselves, it is agreed on the spot through communication between host-family and volunteer (with a mediation of mentor and/or in-coming coordinator) taking into account preferences of both.

Volunteers will use local public transport for reaching the project places. We plan than in the beginning they will be assisted by the mentors or representatives/volunteers of Alternative-V.

A volunteer will work 6-7 hours per day, starting at 9 a. m. and finishing at 4-5 p. m. during 5-day working week (Monday – Friday). The volunteer will have two days off per week– Saturday and Sunday – and 2 days per month. In case volunteer’s help is needed on one of the week-end’s day, a day off during a week will be provided.

The Youthpass will be developed by the volunteers in cooperation with their mentor. The ready document will be signed by legal representative of Alternative-V and by the mentor.

We do not have any special requirements from candidates. The future volunteer just have to know the topic of the project and be motivated to do the service tasks.