Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i Associazione Vicolocorto poszukują wolontariuszy na projekty EVS we Włoszech, w Pesaro. Zgłoszenia (CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres

Zgłoszenia przyjmujemy do 1 listopada 2015

RECEIVING ORGANIZATION: Associazione Vicolocorto
PLACE: Pesaro, Italy
DURATION: 8 months
SERVICE DATES: 7th of December 2015– 6th of August 2016
Age: Over 18 years old
Nr. of Volunteers: 1 (male or female)

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
To apply for our project the volunteer should send us his/her CV and motivation letter. Before taking the final decision it will be important to realize short phone-interviews with the candidates and know eachother.
We are willing to cooperate with all kind of candidates indipendently from gender, religious orientation and any background. The only most important element is that volunteers should be highly motivated, creative, responsible, communicative and inspired to live, take part in our activities during their EVS period in our organization. No previous experience, knowledge and skills are required for carrying out the tasks of the project activities. All the necessary skills and knowledge for carrying out the tasks can be gained during the project. The volunteers should be open-minded, support the idea of tolerance, respect and cooperation between cultures and willing to share their experience and knowledge with the others.
Priority will be given to the applicants that come from disadvantaged category such us: social difficulties, difficulties in participation to educational process, geographical and economical difficulties, cultural differences that can represent marginality and even social exclusion.
Necessary requirement will be major age, while no minimum level of language is required. We think that EVS is a perfect tool and chance to learn a new language, altough a basic level of english is recommended but not compulsory.
The volunteers will come from different countries and of course they will be different mother tongue speaking in order to stimulate them to find a new common language and improve their english and to learn italian.
Description:The volunteer will participate actively in the association activities according to her/his needs and interests without the need of previous experiences, competences and skills as the main aim is the volunteer personal development. For this reason the project will be personalized on the aspirations and attitude of each volunteer and prepared together with them. The volunteers can decide how to modulate their volunteering schedule as their needs and according to our opening hours for 5 days at week for a total amount of 30 hours weekly. In order to let them feel free to move and to enjoy the life they’ll live in an EVS house, rented for them in the city, complete with all the comfort and close to the office. The activities will be realised in a dynamic way together with the volunteers of Vicolocorto Community, mainly in the places where local youngsters meet, in order to facilitate their social inclusion.

Information activities: we are working at local level in collaboration with local and european pubblic youth information services spreading information about European Union and European citizenship through weekly front-office service and organizing meetings and initiatives with our partners in Job Center, Cultural Center, Schools, etc.; Join the staff on spreading information activities about Europe and Youth in Action Programme through lectures and meeting with youngsters within association office or during informative events.
– Take part to local workshops and projects organized by Vicolocorto on intercultural dimension, empower of young people or inclusion activities.
– Cultural events; we organize cultural events especially focused on Intercultural Learning and Inclusion involving our members and volunteers in the whole process of realisation.
– Use the media (like making videos, blog, etc.) and the social networks to spread information
– Environmental activities: we are active on environmental topic organizing voluntaring activities on safeguard of the natural park and stimulating the healty life organizing trekking and outdoor activities for youngster in collaboration with professional experts working on this field.
– Social Integration: we created an informal network of youngster to stimulate positive way of interaction between youngsters which involved several youngster regardless their political interests, sexual orientation or background.
We believe that EVS gives volunteers the opportunity to deeepen their understanding of the country in which they work, and to gain new experience, both personal and professional one. At the same time, it gives to the hosting organization and local community the great chance to enlarge their intercultural awareness and to improve the perception of Europe and its citizens. Thanks to the participation in this project the EVS volonteers will have the chance to learn new things, develop new skills and competences.
In particular, the volunteer will have the following learning opportunities:
• personal development. They’ll get the chance to know better themselves experiencing in a different context than the original a new life, getting new friends and giving personal contribution to improving the cultural offers for youngster in a safe environment where they’ll feel like in a family and supported by tutor and experienced youth worker.
• intercultural dimension. Through training after arrival, formal and non-formal activities, meetings with local partners and community, the hosting organization will offer to the volunteers the opportunity to get to know culture, tradition and daily life of Italy. Moreover, as we would like to host 4 volunteers from different countries, they will get the opportunity to live in intercultural setting.
• organizational and management skills. While working with Vicolocorto staff, the volunteers will get involevd in the field of youth project organization, management and planning according to their needs and interests.
• communicational skills. As part of the project activities, the volunteers will have the space to develop their comunication skills in italian and english languages in different situations like front office or in plenary learning how to show researches and information to a public of youngster for example or how to write a report to upload on the webiste of the association and to be able to use the social network for social interests. From the beginning of volunteer stay, the association will implement regular tutoring sessions about italian language. Moreover through daily activities, interaction with youngster and the immersion in the local culture the volunteers will gain a chance to learn Italian.
• enterpreneurship. In the spirits of the association and the programme itself the volunteer will be stimulated to develop and implement own project ideas according to their needs and interests. Thanks to the variety of initiatives proposed by the association they’ll get a lot of input and competences that will help them to create their own project ideas.
About the role, the volunteer will be able to participate actively in the association activities according to her/his needs and interests netherless previous experiences, competences and skills as the main aim is the volunteer personal development. Thus we will offer the possibility to:
• join the staff on spreading information activities about Europe and Youth in Action Programme through lectures and meeting with youngster within association office or during informative events
• take part to local workshop organized by Vicolocorto on intercultural dimension, empower of young people or inclusion activities.
• stimulate local youngster to take part to the same experience (EVS) through peer to peer meetings and spreading information about their experience.
• taking part to festivals, meetings and events promoted by the association
• use the media (like making videos, blog, etc.) and the the social network to spread information
We believe the role of the EVS volunteers in hosting projects is an active one. They are directly involved in planned activities in its different stages (preparation, development, monitoring and implementation). Also, a strong accent is being put on stimulating the EVS volunteers’ own initiatives and on the importance of personalizing their actions within host communities. By a gradual knowledge process, we wish that volunteers could get awareness of their own ability and interests.The volunteers could help by organizing conferences, seminars, discussions, simulation games, thematic evenings, campaigns, trainings, exchanges, etc. The volunteers will be encouraged to make also their own projects during their stay in Italy.
Our association will organize the activities of our future EVS projects around the real needs and expectations of the EVS volunteers. For these reasons, the youngsters that wish to participate in VICOLOCORTO voluntary activities will give us their presentation, including their expectations and main interests, in this way every project will be personalized on the aspirations and attitude of each volunteer, together with them.

Description of hosting organisation:
Vicolocorto is a non-political, non profitable youth cultural association created in 2006 and based in Pesaro, Italy. It is specialized in youth work and operates in fields of non-formal and extra-school education, intercultural learning, promotion of youth mobility, volunteerism and youth participation, study and research of youth policies and activities. The Association has gained a high experience in the fields of youth policies and international mobility, involving hundreds of young people in international projects, sending over 60 volunteers in EVS projects, hosting 15 long term EVS volunteers, hosting and coordinating 15 YiA international projects so far. The Association can count on a specialised team of trainers and youth workers, who gained experience through training courses in formal and non-formal education context and working side by side with youth.