Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja The Blaiserie Socio Cultural Centre z Francji poszukują wolontariuszy na projekt EVS w Poitieres.
Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w j. angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres oraz (dokumenty należy przesłać na oba adresy mailowe).

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 15 grudnia 2015

Do wiadomości w treści maila prosimy dodawać poniższą informację:
Sending association:
Bona Fides Association (Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides)
Acronym: SAO Bona Fides
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009 Katowice
PIC: 947802812
EI referance number: 2013-PL-100
EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska

Organizacja przyjmująca :  The Blaiserie Socio Cultural Centre
Miejsce: Poitiers, France
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 15/12/2015
Czas trwania wolontariatu: 05/09/2016 till 31/08/2016 (12 months)
Ilość wolnych miejsc: 1

Zadaniem wolontariuszy EVS w tym projekcie będzie promowanie i rozpowszechnianie informacji o możliwościach wyjazdu na projekty oferowane przez UE młodzieży. Będą również brać udział w organizacji projketów dla młodych osób takich jak wymiany młodzieżowe, debaty, kafejki podczas których poruszane będą różnorodne tematy społeczne, animacja czasu wolnego nastolatków itp.

The Centre provides and acts around an unifying project that includes the following objectives:
– Supporting and accompanying social actions and sharing creative and cultural broadcasts.
– Continuing and developing services for local people and in general for the inhabitants of Poitiers (workshops, open rehearsals, loan of rooms, events, reception center for activities and youth…), with a particular emphasis on actions in the street (“Lez ‘ Arts in the street”, Christmas party, neighborhood party, festival A l’Ouest …).
– Responding to social problems, expectations and demands by developing and strengthening the social bond (a discount card for cultural events, inter-sector work, a mobility-transport center…).
– Supporting associations and residents who wish to organize events (loan of rooms, support for the creation, support for amateur activities …)
– Making The Blaiserie Socio Cultural Centre a located place, where the inhabitants of the district and from outside can come (programming, creation and artist residencies, artistic workshops).
The Blaiserie Socio Cultural Centre has an educational team of 24 permanent employees and 60 volunteers. It is a recognized animation centre, active in the development of social life. It is a nonprofit organization (Law 1901).The center is organized into 5 cultural sectors, allowing a better distribution and management of projects, coordinated by two people in charge of two large areas:
1) Cultural area:
– Family sector/ neighborhood life: implementation of collective actions or outputs towards families and residents.
– Childhood sector: creation of a recreation center for 3/6 years-old children, a toy library, a reception room for parents and children, a recreation center without accommodation for 6/11 years-old children and a childcare support for primary schools.
– Youth Sector: recreation center for 11/15 years-old teenagers, coaching for over 15 years for social integration and collective actions, a childcare support for middle schools.
– Cultural Sector: programming concerts, shows and creation spaces with cultural mediation. As well as amateur practical workshops.
2) Social area: creation of a community grocery, of a group of health – leisure and and of a mobility pole with its associative school car and rental of two wheels.

In SCS La Blaiserie , the volunteer will have the task of encouraging international mobility among young people, participating in the construction of European projects for all sectors of the structure and animating European projects for the Blaiserie centre. For instance:
– Organizing and taking part in international youth exchanges
– Organizing English debate groups
– Welcoming European artistic companies
– Searching for European funds
During EVS, the volunteer can discover the structure with a phase of observation and knowledge of different sectors (parents’ coffee, “ciné blabla” with teenagers, the homework help, sports activities…).
The volunteer will animate with the permanent staff animation time with young people, to network and develop projects with them (debate groups, sports and leisure activities, commitment and citizenship youth network).
The volunteer can propose new ideas for activities he can implement alone or with the team, according to his/her skills.

The volunteer must be someone open and curious. He is motivated, interested in the project and especially able to propose ideas. His/her position as an European volunteer is something important for local young people in terms of practices exchange and language skills. The volunteer will work in team for cultural activities and support of individual or group projects with young people. According to his/her skills, the volunteer could propose workshops about cultural practices.

If you are interested in this project, send your cv and cover letter in English to and to
Then, applications will be selected by CSC La Blaiserie.
The volunteer is chosen (if there are many applications) on his/her motivation and interest in the project and activities.