flaga portugalStowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja ProAtlantico – Associacao Juvenil z Portugalii poszukują wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt EVS w Porto Salvo, w regionie Oeiras.
Zgłoszenia (CV i formularz aplikacyjny: Application-Form_Bona-Fides_ProAtlantico w j. angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia@bonafides.pl oraz sveacolhimento@proatlantico.com (Zgłoszenia należy jednocześnie przesłać do obu odbiorców)

W tytule wiadomości prosimy wpisać: EVS Intergenerational Integration. Inne aplikacje nie będą rozpatrywane

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 16 sierpnia 2016

Projekt przewiduje różne działania, wiele z nich w dziedzinie młodzieży i polityki na rzecz młodzieży, ale nie tylko. ProAtlantico współpracuje z kilkoma organizacjami społecznymi: szkoły, domy seniora, organizacje zajmujące się imigrantami, centra młodzieżowe, ośrodki dzienne, instytucje dla osób niepełnosprawnych. Wolontariusz będzie współpracował bezpośrednio z grupami docelowymi organizacji partnerskich.
Dla tych którzy mimo przeczytania ogłoszenia nadal się zastanawiają czy się zgłosić, może relacja poprzednich wolontariuszek przekona ich, że warto: „Nie czekaj na lato, bo może cię ominąć coś dobrego” – relacja z EVS w ProAtlantico

Coordinating and sending organization: Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides
Receiving organizations
: ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil and Centro Comunitário Nossa Senhora ads Dores
Location: Porto Salvo, Portugal
Project title: Intergenerational Integration
Deadline: 16/08/ 2016
Duration: 12 months
Start: 07/09/2016
End: 08/09/2016
Placements: 2

The main aims which we want to achieve by proposed to volunteers activities are:
-Promote active longevity,combat loneliness and social exclusion of the elderly and disabled people by recreational and educational activities for the older population (IT, literacy, language, current issues, etc.) and by Senior Academy-creation a program of different activities: painting, decorative arts, tapestry, embroidery, jewellery, philosophy, astrology, mathematics, languages, creative writing, computers, photography, nutrition, music, instruments, singing, oriental dances, ballroom dancing, theatre , meditation, yoga, pilates, among others.
-Promote the integration of young people into active life by creation a variety range of courses for youth(techniques, languages, entrepreneurship, information technology).
-Encourage interaction, the establishment of interpersonal relationships and the exchange of knowledge between young and old by convince older people to share their knowledge with young people (agriculture, gardening, recipes, beauty tips and domestic, history, etc.).Thus promoting the establishment of interpersonal relationships between young and old enjoyed the understanding and mutual respect and sharing of knowledge.
-Encourage young people and the Portuguese elderly to participate in mobility activities as well as promote their active participation in the community by activities of volunteers showing them the Europan Comission opportunities like EVS and other actions of Erasmus+ Programme
-Contribute to access to cultural, sports and leisure of citizens and develop leisure occupation activities for children and youth during periods not academic by preparation several activities for young, elderly and disabled communities like Carnival celebrations, St. Martin parties, camp, sardine feast, children’s theatre, theatre for seniors, sports activities, dance, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, outdoor cinema, dance matinees, competitions and championships and traditional games.

Proposed activities:
The project “Intergenerational Integration” is a long-term EVS activity(12 months),involving 2 volunteers from Poland,per one hosted by 2 ROs:ProAtlantico and Nossa Senhora ads Dores organizations in Porto Salvo,Portugal. The preferable dates of activity:Sept.2016 till Sept.2017.
The volunteers usually will help the staff in the preparation of cultural,leisure and recreational activities for the users of the centers.The project foresees different activities,a lot of them set in the youth field and in youth policies,but not only.Both ROs works in partnership with several organisations from the community:schools,oster homes,immigrant organisations,youth centres,Senior daily centres,institutions for people with disabilities,so the volunteer will colaborate directly with the target groups of the partner organisations.

The main goal is to find connection by volunteers between the elderly and children/youth.To support common activities of those two groups,help the team of CCPNSD and ProAtlantico to create a healthy environment, and open the horizons of the community, especially children,young people and elderly.Both volunteers will perform the same activities in those 2 ROs

In the frame of these activities,volunteers will be involved as following:
1. SENIOR and YOUTH activities
-common elderly-youngsters handicrafts,dance games,gymnastics,workshops
-activities during holidays and related to special events(ex:Christmas theatre play,build Carnival masks,trips,birthday parties religious events) where elderly and youngsters will be able prepare and spent time together
-creation and implementation of daily activities of the Youth Centre:theatre,dance,sports,music and inclusion in preparation seniors who can bring added value to prepared together activities
-work with kids from different ages from babies to young people
-give school support to children/young people with more difficulties-common help of youngsters who finished their shools relatively recent and elderly who have life experience can bring a great impact to kids who need help
-assist on computers use-elderly people will gain a lot thankfully common computer lessons provided by youngsters
-accompany children in external activities like go to the beach,Zoo – common activities where youths from Youth center and Elderly people will be guardians of the kids during trips.
-parties and special events/intercultural activities;
-Promotion of games and activities during the school breaks
-Give support to the teacher inside classes,helping the children to do exercises,specially those with special needs;
– Help the students to do homework or to study some specific subject
-Promote creative workshops like painting,singing,dancing,theatre,sports, etc.
-Take part in school events like: Parties:Christmas,School birthday,Farewell,Sports Week,Intercultural Week, etc.
-Going out of the school in study visits with the children/young people and teachers
-Participate in school clubs related to:Europe,Sports,Theatre,Dance
-therapeutic and leisure time activities(traditional games newspaper,playroom) as well as ceramics painting,decorating workshops
-sports activities(boccia, water adapted activities)
-recreational activities (tours,walkings)
-help the team with administrative tasks;make contacts with partners to establish partnerships;edit the webpage,create flyers and posters,take photos of the activities,make promotional videos, etc.
-help in organizings summer Camps,New Year’s Eve,sports tournaments,cultural activities, intercultural evenings,picnics,festivals,TCs,YEs,workcamps, and other events. It includes shopping,organisation and transport of materials and people,cleaning,decoration,building stages cooking etc.
-Promotion of Erasmus+ Programme and EVS(in schools,Universities,youth clubs and youth events)

The working methods used will be always non formal education like group dynamics,conversations,cultural visits,internet research, presentations about different subjects,drawing,singing,body expression,dancing,cooking,active participation in the receiving organisations activities,games,workshops,take pictures/record videos, meetings etc
We will focus on the different geographic origin of volunteers involved to develop solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among the volunteers themselves and also in the local community.The volunteer doesn’t have to be involved in all these activities(unless they wish so), it will depend of the motivation of the volunteer and the need of volunteers in each activity along the project.We believe the role of the EVS volunteer in ROs is an active one.they are directly involved in planned activities in its different stages(preparation,development,monitoring and implementation). Also, a strong accent is being put on stimulating the EVS volunteers’ own initiatives and on the importance of personalizing their actions.

Volunteer’s profile:
The activities are open for all profiles of volunteers. There are not any specific requirements regarding volunteers’ profile set by the both Receiving Organizations. They only would like to have open minded volunteers, ready to work in the frame of our activities, with particular attitude towards social activities and work in office, with basic knowledge of English; aware of the kind of project thery are going to attend and of the local community, social environment and town in which they will live, with a true interest in the other cultures and good motivations on the contests of the project, and some commitment, professionalism, in order to make more efficient the experience of volunteering.As well, we ask a certain amount of flexibility, adaptability and patience especially in the first period of the project. Volunteer’s CV in Europass format and motivation letter will be send to the organizations and after the communication established with the volunteer, ProAtlantico as well as CCPNSD expressed it’s intention and interest for hosting.

The project results:
Engaged in the project volunteers will be obligated to work out the project results which are:
-Exhibition of the handcrafts/handmade products which shall be prepare together by youngsters from Youth Center and elderlies from Senior Center in frame of common activities
-Virtual PhotoGallery:volunteers will create a virtual gallery on the web with the picture of their activities within the Service.
-EVS diary:Volunteer will be recommended to report about their experiences. After the project all the report and artictles will be collected and we’ll print an “EVS diary” that will be given to the volunteer, to promoters of the project, to next EVS volunteers and to association’s partners
-Volunteers will create a website with stories and feedback from the children and elderly people -Volunteers task will be to make an “interviews”, sometimes prepared, sometimes in normal non-formal everyday conversation and show different faces, different aspects, each own personal story.