031985_r0_940Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES and the organization Asociación “Building Bridges” from Spain are looking for one young volunteer aged 17-30 from Spain to take part in the project “Silesia attractive for foreigners”.

If interested, please fill the Application Form in English, and send it with your CV to Mariachiara Barra: mariachiara@bonafides.pl

Application Deadline: 30/11/2018

Receiving organization: Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES
Location: Katowice, Silesian Region, southern Poland

Duration: 4 months
Start: December 2018
End:  March 2019
Placements: 1 volunteer from Spain wanted

Proposed activities

The project “Silesia attractive for foreigners” will take place in Katowice and other big cities of the Silesia region, southern Poland. The project is aimed at promoting creativity and active citizenship among young people, who will work to improve the quality of the services offered to foreign tourists, to make them more open to their real needs and to promote the region. The information regarding the main monuments, recreation area, food places, cultural sites and also the urban transport (buses and railways) that have been monitored by an international team of eight volunteers coming from four countries: Spain, Italy, Georgia and Turkey, will be collected in a website open to foreigners.
As a result of this monitoring project, a website collecting all data and information regarding the tourist sites of the region will be created, following the creativity of the members of the team, to promote the regional tourism worldwide. The website will contain also suggestions and advices for foreigners.
Several activities with local students and children will be also organized.

Particularly, the volunteers will also:

1) share their impressions about Katowice, Silesia, Poland on the EVS blog;
2) work hand by hand with Receiving Organisation in its initiatives which will be offered to the volunteers – office work, meetings and events we organise constantly in Bona Fides like: Dni Organizacji Pozarzą dowych (NGO’s days), Targi Organizacji (NGO’s Markets), monitoring, supporting local community citizens, initiatives and many others;
3) cooperate with local media (working on online portal about Katowice: making photos, writing articles about districts of Katowice, history about Katowice);
4) make reaserches about good practices from other countires about cooperation between citizens and local gonverment;
5) Promote the idea of volunteering and Erasmus + Programme;
6) Help organize events and initiatives organized by the residents of the Housing Estate in Katowice;
7) Cooperate with the local community, youngsters, seniors, disabled and children, as well as with friendly NGOs (Angels Guardians – work with children, Arka Noego, Dom Dziecka Zakątek, Nasza Dobra Szkoła, etc.), playing with them, supporting them and organizing activities and events for and with them;
8) Run language lessons for local residents of Katowice and surrounding cities;
9) Assist organizations in the current activities such as: daily administration of the office (outgoing mail, accounting office, receiving tickets for events, preparing documentation for training, etc), monitoring (eg. senior policy in Katowice), preparation of technical workshops, training, international study visits.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The coordinating and receiving organization will provide accommodation for each participant in a flat shared by two people of the same sex. Each participant will have his\her own private room. The flat includes a kitchen, a bathroom and two rooms. Everything needed can be found in each flat. Special needs of the participants will be taken into account.
An amount of 100 EUR and a pocket money of 85 EUR will be given at the beginning of each month to each participant.
The volunteers will also benefit of a monthly local transportation pass (including buses and trams) each month.

Recruitment process
The project participant wanted will be active, flexible, motivated, creative and  interested in active participation and self-involvement. We are looking for a Spanish youngster who’s interested in the foreigners’ voice, needs and rights, in improving the quality of the local and regional services and in promoting tourism.
We are open to any person who wants to put him\herself out there, who is ready to face new challenges and gain new skills, by leaving an unforgettable experience abroad. The profile of the volunteer shall have the following characteristics:
– Keen interest in the contents of the project;
– Real motivation for the experience;
– Willingness to live and work in a multicultural environment;
– Will to strengthen his/her abilities to move towards future opportunities;
– Sense of responsibility towards people and things and respect for the work of others.
Particular qualifications, titles or experiences are not required.

The selection process will be based on three fundamental criteria: a good motivation letter (application form) not only justifying the interest on the project but in the values that the Erasmus + Programme contributes, a curriculum vitae in English, with a photograph to be sent to Mariachiara Barra, EVS coordinator in the Bona Fides Association (mariachiara@bonafides.pl).
To ensure that the project meets the background and needs of the candidates, we will ask them also to fill in a questionnaire (to download from attachment) about themselves as well as the activities and kinds of projects they are interested in. After the pre-selection, the receiving organisation will contact the volunteers through e-mail or skype to inform them about the activities, the practical arrangements, the city they will be living, answer the questions of the volunteers, listen to their ideas and proposals. Later, the final selection is made and the results are announced to the interested parties.

Find something more about volunteering in Bona Fides here: https://www.facebook.com/evskatowice/.