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Stowarzyszenie Bona Fides i hiszpańska organizacja SEVILLA ACOGE poszukują wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt EVS w Sewilli.
Zgłoszenia (CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na oba adresy mailowe: skrabel@bonafides.pl i manuelvicente@sevillaacoge.org. W tytule maila proszę wpisać: “EVS in Sevilla”.



Organizacja przyjmująca: SEVILLA ACOGE
Deadline: 20/04/2018
Daty aktywności: 03/05/2018 – 02/01/2019

Sevilla Acoge intervenes in a multicultural environment. Therefore, the presence of volunteers from other nationalities of EVS is in tune with the objectives of the Foundation, as it provides a greater intercultural dimension to our proyect. Furthermore:
– It is an opportunity to work together both Spanish and European volunteers.
– It strengthens the European dimension of the project by making contact with similar organizations in Europe.
– The european volunteers will serve as positive referent to young migrants living in Sevilla.
– Volunteers have the opportunity to work in Sevilla Acoge, a highly experienced organization as far as intervention among people of different cultures is concerned. They will learn to live in a multicultural working environment and meet people from other customs, values, etc..
Actions that accomplishes everyday Foundation Sevilla Acoge looks for the achievement of a social change:
• Welcome of immigrants.
• Respecting their cultural identity.
• Promoting equal rights.
• Increasing awareness in the society about the new and complex multicultural reality.
• Creating integration links and good relationships between migrants and Spanish people.
Volunteer’s role
□ Support and collaboration with educators, mediators, technicians and volunteers of each center in their daily work, conducting planned activities and contributing to the socio-cultural and employment integration of migrants that participate in our intervention.
□ Participation in the planning and evaluation of activities.
□ The intercultural dimension is present in all tasks, not only among members of the work teams at each center, but also between the beneficiaries of the activities.
□ Diversity and balance tasks will be required.
□ All tasks for volunteers require gradual responsibility. They will always have guidance and support in the case of specialized or delicate tasks, as for example the intervention of families and single women.
□ Volunteers will always be able to share their personal concerns, their knowledge, their skills, their own initiatives.
It consists of 32 hours per week, which includes the hours of cultural and language training, mentoring, team meetings or regional meetings of EVS. Volunteers will have two consecutive days of rest, although depending on the workplace these days of rest won ́t always be Saturday and Sunday (some weekends there are different activities, especially leisure time activities with youth). They will have 20 days of holidays that will be decided in accordance with the tutor, without disrupting the good running of centers.
Departments and activities that volunteers may join are:
1) Community Action Center (CAC):
It plans to add two volunteers. The CAC works preferentially with children and youth at social risk. This action is deployed with families, in order to facilitate their integration. On the other hand, intervention strategies in primary and secondary schools where young people are studying are developed.
It works to make the community aware about the importance of their role as a preventive agent. These actionsare aimed directly at children and young migrants and natives, as well as their families, residing in the neighbourhoods of districts Macarena and Macarena-Norte of Sevilla.
The activities that volunteers can perform include:
a. In the field of formal education.
Coordination with the schools of the area, in order to establish a common methodology for working with migrant youth and children who access to the school. This work provides the possibility of making the school a place of integration where intercultural relationships and understanding are promoted.
• Supporting activities in the tutorials at schools.
• Playground activities during the break time (dynamization of break time).
• Actions with intercultural mediation methodology (prevention and / or resolution of conflicts).
• Activities with mediator students at schools.
• Educational reinforcement activities with students.
1.Volunteering to build an intercultural citizenship 2016

b. Education, leisure and free time of young people and children.
This is an educational project of leisure and free time managed by the Community Action Center, based in the neighbourhood of El Cerezo. This center tries to be a meeting place for young people, children and their families.
• Sensitization activities and community involvement: educational workshops, lectures on multiculturalism, sexuality, drug addiction, film club, etc.
• Leisure and free time activities to promote social skills and habits to socialize young people. It allows young people to discorver different forms of entertainment and leisure. It promotes awareness of social, religious and cultural diversity in their immediate environment. They have meeting spaces and coexistence based on respect for difference and for cultural identity of young people.
• Youth Information Point: young people find a place to go for some advice or accompanied by an adult. It is also a space where youth can propose activities, express their views, find information about courses of interest or employment itineraries.
• “Pre-monitors” Workshop “Roots”: young people between 16 and 20 years old, engaged in intercultural activities related to autonomy, social engagement, progress and self-knowledge. So, these young people as social actors are responsible for others, native and migrants, younger than them, guiding their process to manage in a complex and intercultural environment.
• Workshop monitors : planning, monitoring and evaluation of activities with youth and children. Creating a plan for permanent learning so that educators acquire skills and techniques adapted to youth and children with whom they work.