Wolontariusz znaleziony – ogłoszenie nieaktualne.

Stowarzyszenie Bona Fides i cypryjska organizacja KEY-Innovation in Culture Education and Youth poszukują wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt EVS w Limassol.


Organizacja przyjmująca: KEY-Innovation in Culture Education and Youth
Deadline: 25/04/2018
Daty aktywności: 01/05/2018 – 28/02/2019

The project “Together Everyone Achieves More” “TEAM” is an EVS project which aims to
give “space” and “voice” to the youth of Cyprus by giving them the necessary help in order
to fulfil their dreams, their projects and their expectations. By doing this, young people will be creating a better society and a better world in which they will live, work, express
themselves, create and act with their own re-spected way.
Two 2 different EU countries will be joining the project and Two (2) volunteers will be
sent to Cyprus (one from each country) in order for the project to be implemented. The duration of the project is ten 10 months, starting on 01/05/2018 until 28/02/2019 (time when the volunteers will be in Cyprus). The participants have to be 18-30 years old, with pleasant personalities, energetic, able to communicate and understand young people (especially those facing fewer opportunities). They will also be capable to learn and understand new things (theory, skills etc) and handle computers as well as social media.
The Volunteers will have the chance to design and implement several activities with
and for young people of Limassol. Those actions will reflect the needs of those people,
they will correspond to the aims of our organization and aim to help the society to improve.
Such actions might be street festivals, music and theatre festivals / workshops, non formal
and informal workshops, workshops regarding social inclusion, active participation and all
kind of actions that will help young people to be improved as individuals.
Volunteers will also be participants during the implementations of those actions, but
also they will have the space and the opportunity to lead and manage some of the activities
mentioned above. Participants (volunteers) will not fill vacant places for personnel at the
organization, but they will be acting according to the needs of the project, in cooperation
and by helping the organization’s personnel, members and volunteers.

The methodology used for the implementation of this project will be the use of non-
formal and informal learning for cultivating skills, knowledge, attitudes and provide experi-

Participants will be benefited by gaining all the needed skills, attitude, knowledge, working experience about organizing, designing and implementing projects/actions/work-shops for young people aiming their interests, understanding their needs and including
them to the society. They will also be able to adapt in multicultural and multilingual environments, take initiatives and fulfil projects/actions. Also, they will be able to believe on themselves, understand their strengths and weaknesses and always try to improve themselves.

Finally, young people from Limassol will come in contact with those volunteers and
with the activities implemented and they will gain knowledge, understand the meaning of
volunteerism, its benefits to people and its contribution to the local and European society.
Through the implementation of the project, the organization, the participants, the
participant organizations and the society in general will be long-term-benefited.
The organization will gain the necessary experience, knowledge and skills in order
to be improve as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization. This kind of knowhow
which they will improve their knowledge, skills and attitude, believe in their selves and learn how to fulfil their dreams and help other people improve their lives for a better society.
Also, a fruitful cooperation will be established among the participant organizations with prospects of future cooperation in several fields regarding youth and social improve-

Finally, a long-term-benefit will affect the society, where young people will be able to express themselves, create, stand for their rights and dreams and finally transform the society into a better place to live (especially for young people).

Typical Timetable:
The participants of the project will have a workload of 7 hours (average) on a daily basis.
Also, the can have 2 days off monthly and when the organization needs them to work more
time than the time mentioned above, more days-off are going to be added for them. Below,
there is a typical timetable of their working time and tasks:

The Volunteers will live in a house next to the organization and they will have to share a
room with one other person (volunteer). The house is fully equipped with all necessary
things (electric appliances, beds etc.) and volunteers need only to bring their clothes and
laptops. The organization also owns 2 laptops that the volunteers can work on when they
serve the organization.
The organization is based next to the house of the volunteers, so they don’t have to use
any transportation for going to the organization. The organization also pays the electricity
bills, internet bills, water bills and other taxes of both, the organization and the volunteers’