1200px-Le_Mans_-_Cathedrale_St_Julien_ext_02Bona Fides Association and “House of Europe – Europe Direct” are looking for volunteers to join their European Solidarity Corps project in Le Mans, France. To apply please fill in the Application-Form and send your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter to the following emails:  mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl, and evs@europe-en-sarthe.eu.  Please, write in the title “EVS in Le Mans, France”.


  • Location: Le Mans, France
  • Deadline: 28/07/2019
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Mobility period: 19/08/2019 – 12/07/2020


Europe is looking forward to your contribution! Help develop the cultural openness of young people and participate in their learning of citizenship and tolerance. Support their curiosity on intercultural aspects and encourage them to discover Europe! Become a volunteer in the training center for teenagers and young people ! This project will involve 6 volunteers from 6 different European countries. Each one of them will volunteer in one of the 6 local training centers for teenagers from the area of Sarthe, France. The local training centers are called: the “Maisonsfamilialesrurales”orMFR.Themainmissionswillbe:1.Europeanculturalopenness2.Educationalandpedagogicalmission3.Jointprojectwiththe6volunteersinthe6trainingcenters…

This project will involve 6 volunteers from 6 different European Union countries. Each one of them will volunteer in one of the 6 local training centers for teenagers from the area of Sarthe, France.

The local training centers are called: the “Maisons Familiales Rurales” or MFR (literary translated as the “rural family houses”). The volunteer will be hosted in one of the 6 MFR. Each MFR have different topics and diplomas, and is located in a different village. This project is common to the 6 training center, but each project is different.

The way to go to the MFR is also different, some will provide a car, and there’s a 1 hour round trip to drive to the school, other needs to use train or buses for 2 hours round trip every day.

One of the challenges of this project is to bring Europe in rural areas, therefore, the
transports issue is important and all applicants must have a driving license. You can
chose to apply to the 6 vacancies, or chose specific training centers regarding to the
topics of the diplomas for example.
Volunteers will be regarded as full members of their team and will be included in the
daily work of each center. They will have an opportunity to use and improve their
own abilities: volunteers will develop their sense of initiative, gain skills and get new
knowledges through organizing and realizing different activities for the MFR
(workshops, courses, individual support, sports, games, plays, presentations, lectures).
During the project, the volunteer will mainly be in touch with the young people that
are hosted in the MFR, but not only. They will be encouraged to submit and
implement their own projects, with possibilities of partnership with other local
organizations. The volunteer will act as an ambassador of his country, and thus will
try to promote values such as diversity and intercultural actions. The purpose of the
French MFR is to develop a global approach of education, by using strictly formal,
non-formal and informal learnings. Their practices are based on the training system
which mixes training and work. In other words, a rhythm that allows the pupils to
share between a period of study/training at the MFR and a period of work in a farm,
/association or companies.


  • Providing documentation and information for all audiences,
  • Participating in school activities,
  • Organising cultural events


  • Social challenges
  • Citizenship and democratic participation
  • Education and training
  • Creativity and culture


Living in the EU, being motivated, between 18 and 30 years old, driving license required, interested in youth work, education, Europe and intercultural topics, willing to learn French. The MFR is located on the rural area so the volunteer should have a driving license and be ready to drive every working day to reach the training center (up to 1 hour for a one-way trip: train + car). Candidates should be motivated, ready to work in a team, flexible, creative, open-minded, pro-active, dynamic, communicative, and interested in working with teenagers and young people.


The volunteer will be accommodated in Le Mans, with the other 5 volunteers taking part in this project. They will live in a house next to the train station in Le Mans, not far from the city center. Each volunteer will have his own room in this big house, and they’ll all share the common parts. There is garden, the house is fully furnished and was renovated last year. Accommodation and transportation fees are under the responsibility of the host organization. Money will be given to the volunteer every month to cover food expenses, as such as pocket money.


Volunteers will participate in the arrival and mid-term meetings.