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Bona Fides Association and Association MJC Mont-Mesly / Madeleine Rebérioux, are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our ESC project „Sustainable development near Paris„, related to  sustainable development initiatives and environment protection. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter to the following mails:, and

Location: Créteil, 13 kms far from Paris , France

Duration: 11 months

Mobility period: 01.10.2019 – 31.08.2020

Deadline: 21.09.2019

Project description

The MJC/CSC Mont-Mesly/ Madeleine Rebérioux is a cultural and social centre looking for increase citizen participation of local population in Creteil. You’ll be working whit a team of animators and two French
The current situation linked to global warming and increasing pollution is leading us more and more to promote sustainable development initiatives and to raise the awareness of professionals, volunteers and population about respect for the environment.

Volunteer profile

We look for a volunteer interested in sustainable development and protection of the environment, who likes
to work in team and has some notions of French (A2).

Volunteer’s tasks

  • Support the coordination of our shared garden and help the volunteer team who manages this space
  • Develop network of partners supporting sustainable development
  • Raise awareness among the population to an eco-responsible approach

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

In Creteil, 20 minutes away from Paris, you’ll be sharing an apartment (private room) with a local family,
near by the metro station. You could buy and cook your own food.

Trainings and opportunities

The volunteer could participate to free French lessons all over his/her mission. He/she could also practice
one activity of his/her choice within our association (music, sport, dance…).
We will organize training on environmental issues with other MJCs and local associations.
Moreover, the volunteers will regularly meet other volunteers hosted by MJCs located in Ile-de-France
region. These meetings will be organised by Fédération des MJC in Ile-de-France. Their aim will be sharing
experiences, reinforce linguistic and social skills and develop a common project in a group dynamics.

For further information

About MJCs and Fédération des MJC in Ile-de-France
About an environmental project of Association MJC Mont-Mesly / Madeleine Rebérioux
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The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a part of the European Program called Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ is open to all young people, and it is a program created by the  European Union for mobility inside and outside EU borders, to promote non-formal education and intercultural dialogue, and to support all kind of youngsters regardless of their level of education, of their origins and their cultural background.