Copy of Copy of Template for promotionBona Fides Association and association Arci Perugia are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our ESC project “Youthquake”, aimed at contributing to the social, economic, physical reconstruction of the areas of central Italy affected by
the earthquake. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter and application form to the following mails:, and

Location: Perugia, Italy

Duration: 4 months

Mobility period: 10.2019 – 01.2020

Deadline: 23.09.2019

Project description

The strategic EVS “Youthquake” project was born in the 2016 when a large area of central Italy was
hit by a series of earthquakes. This led to a loss of lives, homes, economic resources, social
infrastructure and damaged the rich historical and artistic heritage of the region.
The name of the project, Youthquake, puts together Youth and earthquake, the two main elements
involved: through the energies and competencies of young European volunteers it aims at
contributing to the social, economic, physical reconstruction of the areas of central Italy affected by
the earthquake.


Arci Perugia is a non-profit association that promotes culture, sociality and solidarity through the
practice of participation and self-management; it promotes the free associationism of citizens,
inspired by federalist principles and proposing itself as a complex of spaces for responsible
participation, in a self-organized form, to promote a complex dialectic of democracy.

Volunteer profile

The volunteers have not to have any particular requisites; but it will be value positively a good
knowledge of english language, studies in social work, international cooperation or politic sciences;
interest in theatre, music and cultural area; a strong flexibility to adapt in complex situation, a
positive predisposition to work in an intercultural group.

Volunteers’ Tasks

The volunteers will be included in the activities of the association in the SPRAR, supporting the
workers of the centre:
Activity 1: Inclusion in reception programmes of Migrant people
Activity 2: Italian language classes
Activity 3: Social inclusion: film festivals, theatre laboratory, Partnership with cultural association
(dance, music theatre) of the area;
Activity 4: training and work orientation desk;
Activity 5: Legal and orientation desk;
Activity 6: Intercultural activities with the local community
The volunteers will work max 35 hours for week with the availability to work sometimes with turnation in the weekend or in the evening; the volunteers will have 2 free day for week

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers will share an apartment in Perugia city and the association will give to them the food allowance monthly. The EVS includes:
Flights (roundtrip) up to 290 Euro
Food and accommodation
Private insurance
Pocket money: 4 euro for day

Trainings and opportunities

A training course organized by the Italian National Agency
Support of a tutor/mentor for all the duration of the project

For further information check info-pack