Bona Fides Association and Alaquàs city hall are looking for  volunteers from Poland or residents, to join our European Solidarity Corps project  in Alaquàs, Spain in order to work with kids, youngsteers, international cooperation campaings, european projects, secondary schools, summer school.  To apply please and send your Curriculum Vitae and Motivation letter to the following emails: and,  Please, write in the title ”ESC in Alaquàs, Spain

  • Location: Alaquàs, Spain
  • DeadlineAs soon as possible
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Mobility period:  June 2021 – March 2022


Main activities with youngteers and kids:
Participation, organization and realization of various activities and creative art workshops which are designed for the specific age group.
To organize and dynamise activities at PlayGardens for kids.
Monitoring and collaboration with teachers at secondary schools at English lessons.
Take active part in communities daily activities,
Play games, lead and support art and sport workshops
Willing to teach English to kids and youngsters and adults. Other native language are welcome.
The weekly programme will be subject to change as the volunteer gets to know us and we get to know the volunteer. Together we aim to develop a programme that will be suitable for both parts. Planning and change of activities will be done reguarly according to the activities we are involved in.

To organize and dynamise activities of the Youth Information Center
To participate in campaigns of information in youth related issues
To help in raising awareness campaigns about European Union and the Programmes of EU aimed to young people
To give an European dimension to our activitities from her personal resources and from the spirit of our project
To support Eurodesk network and European Youth Portal.
To support solidarity campaigns..
To support “Spring party” in April or May. We’ll confirm the exact day.
To support playgarden during July.
To support young correspondents at secondary schools.
To support campaings. ( Nature activities registrations)
Covid prevention campaigns.
To support the International Cooperation programs and activities to promote.

We are searching for person (aged 20-30), who is open minded, loves kids, active games and playtime and also knows or is willing to learn more about children and young adult development, willing to teach English, French, Italian, German, …. to kids and youngsters by non-formal methods, brings some nice stories and games to share, wants to learn more about the community, local traditions, enjoy time and be happy together with kids!
Good level and competence with computer and social network.
Good health. No serious illness Conscious people who know he/she ‘s not to work or to study, but are volunteers.
People who dont worry them, who are not obsessed with time marking the clock.
If you are this person, we welcome you to join or small but powerful group to make a difference, make new friends, recive many, many hugs and to become a part of our community!



We are going to offer an accommodation in medium class Spanish family apartment, composed of 3 rooms, one kitchen, one living room, one small terrace, 1 clothes line area and 1 bathroom.
Apartment decoration and furniture are not the most fashion ever, what we want to say is that they are not NEW, not FASHION, but in our opinion they are GOOD Furniture… and we think super “suitable” for ECS projects.
As you see we can’t offer the same size, color, orientation, and style rooms to all ECS… this is why we use “United on Diversity” for ECS…
The Alaquàs City Hall aware of the severity of the Covid19 pandemic, carries out all activities with the maximum security measures for the protection of participants. And we faithfully follow the security measures indicated by the health authorities. Taking into account the safety distances, mandatory use of a mask and hydro alcoholic gel, small groups,
etc. The safety of the participants is the most important.

Working hours and days off
6 hours per day, 5 days per week, two consecutive days off per week and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project. If the volunteer accept to work in the weekend, it will be possible to take days off when needed.
Volunteer Allowance
The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance in cash or transfer.
Local Transport:
If there are special activities the volunteer have to join, the host will provide financial support.
Interpersonal and social competences
Adaptability and coping with new challenges, like living in a small and totally new environment and way of living, team-working with colleagues, sharing responsibility for living together with a multi-national team of volunteers.
Cultural expression
Developing cultural awareness of each other’s needs in a multi-cultural setting
Communication in mother tongue and in foreign languages
Communicating, socialising and negotiating in a second language (Spanish)
In addition to ensuring effective mentoring for the volunteer, the Host Organisation will take full responsibility for monitoring the whole learning process – explaining it fully at the on-arrival training, conducting a thorough mid-term evaluation and issuing the Youthpass on completion
of volunteer service. And the Spanish course online in EC platform.

More info here: