Bona Fides Association and Eko centar Latinovac are looking for Polish participants for a short-term ESC Project “Sustainable Community Development” in Latinovac, Croatia! 🇭🇷

Place: Latinovac, Croatia
Dates: 13.03.2024 – 10.05.2024
Duration: 2 months

To begin with, thank you for your interest and taking into consideration to come to Croatia, do your ESC here and give your contribution to this project and rural development. Herewith, we kindly would like to give you some basic information about our way of living. This info pack serves as a means to provide you with valuable insights and information prior deciding to come to Latinovac, Croatia.

About the Organization

Our organization is called Eko Centar Latinovac. It was founded here in Latinovac, Croatia, in 1995 and received its legal status three years later in 1998. The main goals of our organization are: (1) the promotion and support of peace building in the local community, (2) the protection of the environment and the exertion of an ecological way of living, (3) intercultural learning; promote differences among human beings and decrease prejudices, (4) to inform and raise awareness about environment degradation and ecosystem, (5) the support of personal growth and community development, (6) the promotion of philanthropy and cooperation and finally, (7) the development of rural tourism.

All activities will be based upon an educational and practical part responding to the principle of lifelong learning. The goal of our organization is to contribute to the community development, connect and network with local people, attempting to create possibilities for a better life & future providing a higher quality of living for both generations. Examples to achieve this are for instance different programs, touristic offers, social and small entrepreneurship and sustainable living education.

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About the project

Project will gather 15 participants from European and partner countries and local people from Croatia. Overall objective of the project is to create sustainable community with all its diversity, to develop rural area and to improve quality of life of local people.

Project will include following activities:

1. Preparation of one day public event and community focused one day festivities, supporting other organizations/institutions on regional level

– preparation and serving of food, drinks, snacks and cleaning

– planning and participating in educational, intercultural and entertainment activities

– creating invitational promotional materials -short video, posters, printed invitations

– practical and demonstrational workshops on topics of health and sustainability

– hosting and participating in the evening entertainment programme e.g. pub quiz, recitals, dance, song, talent show

– recording, photography and editing of the materials

2. Renovation and maintenance of Eko Centar Latinovac property and assistance in developing showcase properties

– establishing new gardens and maintaining of existing ones

– reparing old buildings and renovating the interior

– clearing the overgrown areas

– assistance in the kitchen

– maintenance in general (cleaning, repairs etc.)

3. Help in the community

– help in maintaining the public areas in the village

– assisting elderly and local villagers with seasonal work

Please note that you are coming to a developing NGO and that sometimes interesting opportunities could come up during the project. While they are not a project priority, they can be fun and inspiring. It could be we are invited as guests, asked to host an event or have a presentation somewhere. Maybe a reporter wants to write a story, or you could be interviewed on a local radio.

Working time

Volunteers are supposed to work five days per week, six hours per day according to the ESC Charter. Two days per week are free. Wednesday to Sunday we typically meet at 7:30 am to have breakfast and the working time starts at 8:00. Around 13:00 we will have a lunch break and finish up in the afternoon if there is a need to. Mostly physical activities are scheduled in the morning and theoretical and creative activities will take place in the afternoon. Part of the work also includes hikes, language exchanges and much more. It can happen that on some days we will work a little bit more while on others less – depending on the weather and the job. Please be flexible as we are.

Accommodation, food and pocket money

Volunteers are going to Iive in the village Latinovae. Ekocentar Latinovac is part of this village. Volunteers will be hosted in the village, and live together with villagers in their houses. These are valuable experiences. The accommodation is simple and not exclusive. This means you should be willing to share room, toilet and bathroom with other volunteers.

Food is organized by us. We buy ingredients and prepare the meals (in agreement with you). Volunteers will help in food preparation. We are happy to have opportunity to exchange recipes and ideas with you :) When volunteers spend free days out of Latinovac and don’t eat in Eko centar Latinovac, they will receive money for food (6 Euros per day). Food is vegetarian.

Every volunteer will receive a pocket money of 5€ per day. Pocket money will be handed out to the volunteers at the beginning of the month or in the first week upon arrival. The pocket money will be received in cash or in the bank account.

Download the INFOPACK


If you are interested in joining this project please send your CV and a motivation letter (in English) to: and with a title “ESC in Latinovac, Croatia“.